Secrets To Finding Your Bliss And Peace In The Midst Of Dealing With Grief And Loss

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“God is closest to those with broken wings.” Jewish saying

Have you noticed that there are times when it seems that your sense of grief and loss seems particularly overwhelming? For some reason, more deaths tend to come around the holidays, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter. The loss of a child, as well as the loss of a spouse, parent, sibling, friend and, certainly, the loss of a pet, will bring up other losses in your lives (losses that feel vibrationally the same), including the loss of dreams, purpose, jobs, health and identity.

So, as you start the New Year, many of you have either recently experienced some form of loss or have been reminded of multiple past losses. In other words, you know that you are deeply missing and grieving for your family or friends or whatever significant experience that had once been a part of your life.

I remember that sometime in early December, while putting in exhausting hours, trying to complete several projects before the year’s end, my mind wandered to my mom and dad, and I suddenly found myself falling to my knees ( fortunately my office is carpeted ), crying into my apron and screaming aloud, “Where are you? Where are you?”

My parents, Simmy and Harry, had died at the same time of year – during the winter holidays. Those who know me will be surprised I should ask such a question, given the courses I teach and the books I write which deal with spirituality and healing from grief and loss.

You see, I know with every cell of my being that death is a matter of transformation of energy – that it is the energy of the body which is transformed and which is most often present for us, as soul energy, soon after the loss of the physical body. My research and clinical work have confirmed for me that our loved ones frequently continue to be energetically present for us whenever we are dealing with loss, which occurs especially during the first year following the loss, and is usually a part of the second, as well.

But, I miss my parents, just as you miss your loved ones, and while I know they are spiritually and energetically available to me, every once in awhile, I would love to hold them, hug them, be their little girl, once again, and talk with them. You know what I mean. Even 15 years after my mom’s death and two years after my dad’s, I want to call them and share the newest, most wonderful events in our children’s lives, the grandchildren they adored, and I have also wanted them to physically share our holiday dinners and celebrations with us.

So, in the midst of dealing with grief and loss, what can you do to feel more peaceful and blissful? While there many ways which enable you to re-establish an inner sense of balance and harmony, whatever you do, it must feel right for you in that moment. For example, simply give yourself permission to cry while looking at photographs and momentos of your loved ones

Talk to them wherever you the feelings seem to overpower you. Sometimes, I talk to them while seated at my kitchen table, while driving alone in my car (not so odd looking these days, given that people are always talking on their cell phones) or while doing the dishes.
I talk to my deceased loved ones, sometimes mentally, sometimes verbally, telling them what is in my heart. Again, my research and the work of quantum physicist, Albert Einstein, and his colleagues, have taught me that everything is pure energy and vibrates, including us, our thoughts and our loved ones from whom we have been separated. They, therefore, are well aware of our thoughts and feelings, again, because everything is energy and vibrates.

Furthermore, because of the power of your loving connection with those you grieve (love being one of the highest energetic vibrations), they are very aware of what you feel within your heart, which you express through your words and thoughts (all pure energy – the energy of love). Personally, I experience a sense of bliss and peace and am comforted by the thought that my deceased loved ones know and feel the love that I feel for them both in my heart and throughout my entire being. TO BE CONTINUED

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

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