Secrets To Finding Bliss And Peace In The Midst Of Dealing With Grief And Loss… Part 3

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“If you can find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.” Maya Angelou

“We give comfort and receive comfort, sometimes at the same time.”

Losing someone or something you love often robs you of your sense of purpose and identity, leaving you feeling incomplete and out of balance and harmony. I have always been grateful when my grieving patients have work or a job that pleases them, a pet in need of their loving care and, of course, a family which needs their loving attention. You need to have a purpose, a direction in which to move and something that validates you and fills you with good feelings, especially when you are deeply grieving. You see, even in the midst of dealing with grief and loss, Love is the key to finding bliss and peace.

Bear with me for a moment. Believe me, please, when I tell you that you are a gift to the world; you have come to make a difference, perhaps in some small but significant way, or, perhaps in some larger way. But, the Truth is that you are an amazing, powerful being, who, by choosing compassion, kindness, thoughtful caring and Love, can contribute to the expansion of the world, as well as to that of your own soul. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to choose Love – Love for yourself and Love for others.

Healing from loss of any kind, such as the loss of a job, person, pet or health, does steal from you valuable prana, chi, or whatever you wish to call your energy. When you experience the loss of a child, as well as the loss of any other loved one, including the loss of a pet, you often feel traumatized, anxious and/or depressed, you pull back socially and you lose your sense of confidence and desire to do anything that used to bring you pleasure. However, while in the throes of you grieving your loss, you have the power to choose to focus on something which will lift you, bringing you a sense of long lost peace.

The greatest healing of your soul comes when you choose to love yourself enough to choose to do for others who are in need of your assistance While it is imperative that you give yourself time to focus on what it is you grieve or miss, also choose time to focus on someone or something which becomes a reason or purpose for your life or existence which, in turn, enables you regain and reclaim your sense of purpose, identity, your lost sense of self-esteem and a healthy immune system.

You have so many choices available to you. Healing grief and experiencing bliss can occur when making a meal for a sick neighbor, organizing a bake sale or book fair to collect funds for a needy family or charity. And, you feel so good when you have been able to be a part of a soup kitchen or collect food and blankets for the needy.

Whatever you choose, make it your passion and something that excites every cell of your being. Your body loves the energetic vibrations of the enthusiasm and excitement you feel when you are passionate. Passion leads to the release of wonderful chemicals which help you feel more joy, peace and bliss.

No matter what you choose to do to express your passion, you will find that it will lead to you experiencing a greater sense of value, purpose and direction, as well as the release of the most wonderful endorphins and other neuropeptides. Due to the glorious mind-body connection, you will find yourself experiencing moments of being on a natural high, sometimes called the zone. Yes, even in the midst of your losses, you can regain and enjoy feelings of bliss and peace. It is all a function of the loving choices you make.

Bliss and peace are such high vibrational experiences. There are numerous other suggestions which contribute to increased peace and bliss when dealing with the awareness of your losses. For example, if concentration is not an issue, you may lose yourself in a wonderful book; journal your feelings, insights, and whatever fills your heart, mind and body; play your favorite music or musical instrument; play with your pet or go into nature All of these will certainly contribute to your feeling lighter, more peaceful, more harmonious and whole. It is, as always, a matter of choice – and the choice for Love.

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

©2009Susan Barbara Apollon

Secrets To Finding Bliss And Peace In The Midst Of Dealing With Grief And Loss… Part 2

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“As you get older, you see the difficulties people have and you see their spirituality so much more.” George Michael

No matter how difficult loss may be for you, be it your grieving special time or situation from the past, a loved one, a place, a job, your health, a dream or the loss of a pet, there are things you can do, via the choices you make, which enable you to feel a sense of bliss and peace in the midst of dealing with grief and loss. In healing grief, one wonderful choice you may make is to take some time to meditate and go deep within your own being, to your core, your stillness.

For example, my heart fills with love for those I miss or for whatever it is I feel has separated from me. So, I sit, pray that they be blessed and watched over and, then, in meditation, I go into the stillness. By using my breath, I center, ground and raise my energy to create my gateway into the stillness. There, I experience great warmth, quiet, a sense of being loved and embraced by my loved ones, as well as by my Source (God, for me) and my angels. This leads to feelings of exquisite bliss and peace, even as I grieve.

In this place, deep within my being, during meditation, I can choose to merge with what I call the Oneness (or All That Is), sometimes called the Field or the Collective Unconscious, the Universe or God. I come to the stillness, deep within me, at my core, sometimes because I feel, from my clinical research and experience, that my loved ones are a part of this place and, here, in the still, gentle, beautiful stillness, I can be and speak with all my loved ones who have passed on.

In this peaceful place, I also feel that I am with my Source, which for me, is God, but, for you, it may be Buddha, Jesus, Universal Energy, Mary, or whatever you wish Source to be. Here I am in bliss and feel greatly comforted. In fact, I often find myself becoming emotionally moved and tearful when I enter this state. It is so healing.

Also, healing from loss is expedited by talking about loved ones who have “died” and by remembering them with your friends and family. In this way, you connect with them, with their essence, their legacy, their spirit and their love. Yes, you are blessed with the ability to feel their love once again, just by choosing to remember the many wonderful moments of the time you shared with them.

You are drawing their energy to you, the energy of a loving connection, the energy of Love. Love (according to scientists such as David Hawkins) is such a high energy that when you experience it, you feel so good, even blissful and peaceful. You can’t get better than that!

Even if the moments with those you grieve were not always wonderful, you can choose to view your relationships with them from your Higher or Soul’s perspective, sometimes referred to as the Observer’s vantage point. From here, you can lovingly observe the role that relationship played in your life, perhaps recognizing that if they had not been who they were, you would not have made choices which contributed to your being who you are now, in this present moment.

If you experienced difficulties or challenges with your loved one, consider expressing your gratitude, appreciation and heartfelt thanks to him or her because those challenges provided you with opportunities for valuable learning experiences, as well as the resistance you needed to become who you are today. Thank them from your heart for the lessons you learned while traveling this lifetime with them.

Honor them. I doubt I would be writing this had it not been for the tougher moments that I encountered in the early years of my life, situations which created the resistance I needed to grow to be who I am.

Choose to recognize that your loved ones did the best they could and that they most likely did this from their love for you, no matter what mistakes they made! A most important point here is that by choosing to forgive them for any unresolved hurts and pain, you are enhancing your chances of experience feelings of greater peace and bliss. Love and forgiveness go hand in hand,When we truly love, we can and do forgive, and peace and bliss are the natural, wonderful consequence of this process. TO BE CONTINUED

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary

©2009Susan Barbara Apollon