Finding Bliss And Peace Via Meaningful Rituals – Part 4

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A truly powerful self-generated ritual, other than taking time to go into the stillness daily, via your breath or some form of meditation, is that of journaling. This ritual can be designed to occur when, where and however you wish and need it to be for you. The power of journaling is enormous.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. Annie Dillard

How you live one day is eventually how you live your life. Phillip Yancey

There has been substantial research on the effectiveness of journaling. The work of Prendergast has demonstrated that the process of choosing to write enables you to gain clarity about your thoughts, feelings, questions and desire to know the wisdom of your soul or your intuition. Essentially, the process allows you to become conscious of your pain or what does not feel good, enables you to release it and then operate with greater clarity because you are in a higher, more relaxed vibrational energetic state.

My patients seem to heal more expediently when they begin to journal daily. As with prayer and meditation, there is no one right way to do this. You get to do this any way that feels good and right for you. You can journal just to express what is in your heart or your head. Or, you can journal with specific goals in mind. For example, you may keep an intention journal in which you write your intentions daily, perhaps stating them in one entry, and then in another entry, perhaps later in the day or evening, reviewing the actions you took to work toward manifesting them during the day.

You may also wish to journal daily about your awareness of your own gifts and your positive qualities. Journaling helps you fall in love with you! When you have difficulty connecting with your Higher Self, taking the time to write to your Higher Self, asking questions you have long desired to know and then allowing your Higher Self to channel wisdom, your wisdom, back to you, is particularly healing and empowering. Remember, what you focus on in journaling and everywhere determines your quality of life.

The ritual of journaling with the intention of noting what surprised, touched and inspired you during the day is a real eye and soul opener. I find that his tool, which I have gratefully borrowed from Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen (who borrowed it from a sociologist friend of hers), is amazingly powerful. Just learning to be more conscious of what you are being touched and inspired by (which are higher vibrational experiences) during your day has the ability to change your perspective and open your heart to miracles in your life!

Meditation, of course, is an invaluable self-generated ritual which, when engaged in regularly, brings you so many gifts. Just taking a few minutes each morning to engage in the ritual of choosing to go into the “stillness,” connecting with your soul by breathing deeply or through the use of guided imagery, creates feelings of deep peace, relaxation and well-being (all causing you to shift to a higher vibrational energetic level). And this is in addition to the sense of sacredness associated with an experience which connects you with your Higher power. By engaging in the ritual of meditation, you also further develop your intuitive knowing, which, in turn, contributes to an enhanced sense of self-confidence –all wonderful gifts! (To be continued.)

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

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Finding Bliss And Peace Via Meaningful Rituals – Part 3

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“Through the ceremony, the circle, people move through the inner worlds of Self and one another, connecting with thought, prayer and the sustenance of Presence of others.”
Jeanne Achterberg

When you find yourself struggling with some difficult aspect of life, consider what you might do that could become an event or activity which you would look forward to repeating on a similar occasion. Whatever you create has the power to give you hope, comfort and can contribute to greater harmony and balance in your life (all high vibrational energetic experiences which contribute to the release of healthy neuropeptides for your immune system). In other words, rituals have healing power.

For centuries, perhaps longer, cultures like yours have created rituals which are intended to provide necessary hope and intentional healing. The ceremonial circle is a perfect example of this.. The ritual of meeting in a circle has a sacredness or holiness associated with it. Native American Indians, and so many other cultures, have used the circle as a traditional form of communication, community and healing.

Healing ceremonies, as well as ceremonies for all aspects of life, occur in the circle. One of my favorite experiences is the talking stick ceremony which also occurs in the circle. As a participant receives the sacred stick which is passed from one to another, he or she has an opportunity to speak from the heart while each of the participants listens with his or her heart. And, of course, support groups, especially cancer support and bereavement groups, tend to meet in the circle – a place in which participants feel safe, comfortable and can anticipate a healing experience.

Through the process of trusting and feeling support, participants share and release their pain, enabling them to shift vibrationally and physiologically to a “feel-better” energetic and chemical state. Yes, the circle is an extraordinary and powerful healing tool offering community, understanding, hope and a sense of safe connection.

Each time I give a seminar, my first thought is about how I can best make everything meaningful happen within the circle. Somehow, when in a circle, we experience a greater sense of connection with one another, as well as with our own soul and with our divinity. We also experience a significant sense of cohesiveness, of belonging and of community. I always feel that in the circle the energy flows more effectively between people, as well as between our own being and our soul.

For example, my intuitive development class has always met in a circle and finished with the ritual of singing a beautiful, moving song while participants stand in a circle, holding hands and eyes closed. I can feel the loving energy flowing from one person to another, through me and back into the circle. Consequently, these experiences consistently leave me feeling uplifted and infused with needed energy and are a reminder of my connection with my Higher Self (that is to say, my soul ) and that I am really never alone.

Finding time to pray in your own unique style and in your own time frame becomes one of the most important ceremonial rituals you can incorporate into your life. Whether you build prayer into your life by going to church or synagogue on Sunday or any other day of the week, or you take time to pray in your own home or in any other location, the very act of involvement in this activity contributes to your feeling a sense of connection with something greater than yourself – and results in your sense of being protected, heard and loved.

You can build rituals of prayer into your life easily and effortlessly. I pray regularly in the car, over a lighted candle each morning, in the bath each evening, on Friday nights, saying prayers over the Sabbath candles, while I am on my daily walk and out in nature, and each time I hear of a loved one, friend, patient or neighbor who is in need of prayer. Prayer is portable and you can take it and do it everywhere – and on a regular basis. (To be continued.)

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

©2009SusanBarbara Apollon