Tips to Creating Bliss and Peace When Someone You Love Disappoints You

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It was a Saturday and like so many others this past summer, it rained on and off throughout the day. I was determined to use the day to catch up on a few promised but unfinished projects. As the hours passed, I felt an increasingly stronger sense of fatigue and sadness.

In the background, on CNN, I could hear the words of those who were speaking about Senator Ted Kennedy. The loving words and stories of his many unknown compassionate deeds touched my heart. But the sadness I felt was deepening. And, then, I realized what was happening.

While working, I had been revisiting and reviewing situations which I had known about but had chosen to not acknowledge. They had to do with recognizing that someone I have admired and trusted, was letting me down by not being as sincere and genuine as beautiful words and images would have you believe. Without intention, I was gathering evidence that I had not trusted my intuition.

I thought, “I must remember Love. And that this journey is about choosing Love, and I must forgive. Well, truthfully, while I do my best as a psychologist, author, mom, wife and everything else, I am simply a soul journeying in a physical body. And, I make my share of mistakes.

I had allowed myself to fill with painful images and thoughts of not having been treated in the same compassionate manner that I had been acting as a friend. I began to cry. “Tears are a good thing,” I tell my patients…and I do strongly feel this way. I knew I had to release from my cells the energetic vibrations of having been significantly disappointed. Realizing that someone I had trusted did not appear to be coming from an authentic place of Love just broke my heart.

I knew I needed to release this negative energy because it did not serve me. I told myself, “Susan, focus on anything that feels better!” As hard as this was, I did what I teach my patients: Face (the feeling and the fact that I did not feel good – due to a painful thought), Embrace (feel the pain), Breathe (breathe out the painful thoughts and pain) and Replace (which I did by speaking with an angel who enabled me to communicate these thoughts at this moment). I refused to pass judgment, to the best of my ability, because I, too, do not wish to be judged. I then focused on work-related subjects and that lifted me energetically.

However, later that evening, the heaviness remained within my heart, mind and spirit. Though I wanted to choose Love, I was having difficulty. In answering those who had written in my Facebook group, Touched by the Extraordinary, I found a gift of healing wisdom, a quote of Maya Angelou from a woman on the other side of the world: “ While I know myself as a creation of God, I am obligated to realize and remember that everyone else are also God’s creation.”

I quickly realized that my friend’s behavior served as a challenge in my life for me to choose Love and to forgive and, certainly, to not attach to the painful thoughts which caused my suffering.

I am responsible for my own bliss and peace. Therefore, I have released these feelings, but, I will lead my life more aware of the situation so that I do not allow myself to once again be so disappointed. There is much to learn from every moment of our journey, and it always begins and ends with Love.

Susan Barbara Apollon

Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”
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