Part Three: Secrets To Finding Bliss As We Set And Keep Our Resolutions And Intentions For The New Year…

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Life being what it is, you will at some point begin to notice that you may not be feeling as excited about your New Year’s resolutions and intentions as you initially were. Life happens. You will notice that your attention may feel as though it is disconnecting from your intention. Be prepared to anticipate such moments. This is where it helps to practice your ABC’s, something I created many years ago to help my patients heal themselves.

First, do A. Be aware of how you are feeling and what you are thinking! It is time to question Mind before it really does a job on you. Mind is what it is. Our job is, when we are not feeling good at our heart level, to question it!  Ask yourself, “How am I feeling and what am I thinking?” Given that you will probably be in a beat-yourself-up mode, due to being pulled away by the events of life, your thoughts may be, I can’t do this. I am failing at my resolutions. I don’t do anything right!”

Then, do B, once again.  Breathe! And as you breathe deeply, intentionally quiet yourself with each breath and go within. Once there, ask yourself: “How do I know that’s not so?” (I made it rhyme for young and old!) Now, in your stillness, ask your intuitive, meditative self for three proofs from your life experience when you were challenged and you thought you could not do something difficult, but you proved to yourself you could!

With your proofs in hand, do C which is choose another feel good image, picture or thought you can play or say to yourself that reconnects you with your intention. For example, “Of course, if I could accomplish the impossible in the past, I can do this now!” See yourself doing what you intended to do, be it volunteering, interacting with people as you start a new business. balancing your budget, eating healthier, looking slimmer -  you get the picture! Remember, everything is energy and, therefore, to feel good and accomplish your goal, you need to focus on a feel-good image or experience.

Finally, I highly recommend a journaling technique to accompany you in the process of fulfilling your intentions. I borrowed this from Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen who borrowed it from her friend who is an anthropologist. It is amazingly powerful and transformative because it is based on your own intuitive wisdom!

At the end of each day, set aside fifteen minutes. In a quiet place, take a few minutes to breathe deeply and create stillness. In your journal, begin to question your intuitive mind and write the first question: What surprised me today? Put your pen down; breathe deeply, go into the stillness and wait to receive images or words from your Higher Intuitive Wisdom and then write a few lines as an answer. Then write the second question: What moved or touched me today? Again, do the same process. Finally, write the last question and do the same thing: What inspired me today?

Extraordinary awareness, experiences and transformative growth emerge as the result of engaging in this exercise. The simple acts of choosing to breathe deeply, create stillness and question your intuitive mind allow you to receive the imaginative pictures and words to discover who you really are and what really matters to you, as well as to come to love yourself unconditionally (without judgment or criticism).

Fulfilling your intentions and New Year’s resolutions is not what this journey is about. Rather, this is a journey of you discovering you, how powerful you are and of you coming to love yourself unconditionally. This is a process which has the power to transform you as it fills you with peace and enables you to fulfill your intentions.  Creating peace in the New Year begins with self-transformation. Now this is what miracle-making is all about!

“I guess I was wrong when I said I never promised anyone. I promised me!” …Kermit the Frog

Susan Barbara Apollon

Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”
& Intuition Is Easy & Fun

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Bliss & Making New Year Miracles On WNBC Today In New York

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The invitation came unexpectedly just a few days before the New Year. Could I come to New York and speak about “How to Set and Keep New Year’s Resolutions and Intentions”? While there was little time to prepare, I knew that this would be a great opportunity to share with everyone what I have been living and teaching patients in my practice. Making miracles (Creating and Keeping New Year’s Resolutions) is really all about energy – and positive, loving energy, at that!

View videos on NBC:

We arrived at Rockefeller Center early. After going through security, we headed up to the 7th floor for the interview. The studio is huge, pleasant and filled with desks, chairs, television monitors of all major shows being broadcasted at the same time.

I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with several of the producers and stage-staff – all down to earth and so very kind. While waiting for my turn to be interviewed, one of the producers, Li Jing, helped me with getting a cup of coffee and enabling me to relax a bit as we talked about what led up to the production of Touched by the Extraordinary.

The anchor who interviewed me, Pat Battle, was wonderful. We hit it off immediately. Pat is high energy, positive, has a great smile, radiates feel-good energy and is absolutely lovely. I felt blessed to have such a super, supportive team around me as we prepared for our segment. Having my family there, just a few feet away also helped me feel even more comfortable.

And, then, we were on. The segment literally flew by. I worked to convey as much of the material I had prepared. I was told my enthusiasm was felt by those present and that they especially valued some of the tools I had spoken of, including my ABC technique and three question journaling method. I was genuinely moved by their warm response.

What fun this was and what a great way to begin the New Year!

May we all be blessed with a New Year filled with Laughter, Peace and Much Love.

Susan Barbara Apollon

Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”
& Intuition Is Easy & Fun

©2010 Susan Barbara Apollon

Part Two: Secrets to Finding Bliss & Making Miracles as We Create and Manifest Our Intentions

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Why do we set intentions or make New Year’s resolutions? I am convinced that it is especially during the holidays that we realize we are out of balance, not whole and not feeling any true sense of inner peace. We wish one another a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year because we intuitively know that we are not feeling whole, though we desire and need to be. The word healthy contains within it the word heal. To heal is about creating balance, well-being and wholeness. So, our intentions are born out of our awareness of what we lack and need in order to feel better and happier.

Besides being aware of and harnessing the gifts of Imagination, Intuition and Breath, keep in mind that the secret to making miracles and manifesting your heart’s desires or creating an intention (what you are most passionate about and lacking in your life) is being aware and remembering that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! Quantum Physicists, including Albert Einstein, emphasize this point, along with the fact that all energy vibrates at different levels. This includes you, your thoughts, intentions and all that you picture, visualize and see in your mind’s eye!

The way I help my patients heal themselves and create miracles of healing is to enable them to recognize that there is energy that feels good and energy that does not. Healing and feeling good require that we focus our attention on anything that feels good and makes our heart sing. Translation: when we picture, think or intend something delicious, upbeat, loving and joyful, we feel like we are on “cloud nine.” We vibrate at a high level – the same high level where our hopes and dreams live. This is good because it helps our brain release endorphins which our body loves and because it shifts us, energetically, to a vibrationally higher place. (Be careful because the opposite is also true!)

Therefore, when you set your intentions, pick something to focus on (a thought, picture or image) that every time you visualize and feel yourself experiencing, you feel fabulous!  If you are eager to lose weight, see and feel yourself exercising, shedding pounds and feeling the joy of becoming your intention. If you intend to stop smoking, see and feel yourself living joyfully and with great freedom, not needing a cigarette to be okay. This will create the high energy you need to manifest your intentions.

In other words, your job is to engage in activities in which you have invested your hopes, dreams and high energy of excitement and enthusiasm.  Tennessee Williams reinforced this when he said: “Enthusiasm is the most important thing in life!” Your work is also to focus on a positive and enthusiastic see-feel experience regarding your intention.

Additionally, it helps to write out your intention daily, in a journal. As you write your intention, image you experiencing what you are write. Feel genuinely enthused and excited about it. Allow your senses to be a part of your “see-feel” experience. This is you doing an internal dance of joy which leads to the fulfillment of your intentions.

Create a community with which you can share your intention and the progress you are making regarding manifesting it. Just one other person is all you need to have some support for you.

If you do not accomplish something you had intended for the day, notice your feeling and thought; feel the feeling and then let it go. Love yourself enough to know that you are doing your best. Stuff happens and gets in our way. Say to yourself, “I am doing my best.” Take a deep breath or two and breathe out any toxic feelings, and return to the moment with the see-feel experience of you accomplishing your intention. In other words, get right back on the horse and continue with your intention.

We make miracles simply by opening our heart to the possibility of possibilities and changing our perspective about our situation. Even Albert Einstein validated this with his words: “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it!” Changing your perspective and incorporating some form of unconditional love – for yourself in this case- leads to the occurrence of what you are hoping for and seeking.

A change in perspective is as simple as choosing to love yourself enough so that you see a difficult situation as a challenge and a lesson. For example, when I experience an unexpected problem or disappointment that seems to be interfering with an intention, I say to myself (regularly, after really feeling the emotion of disappointment), “What is the lesson here for me? What am I supposed to be learning here that can help me on some level?” Just choosing to step back and observe me asking myself these questions and recognizing that this is a challenge which is helping me grow, enables me to more easily reconnect with my intention.

Remember Oprah Winfrey’ words, “Every day brings a chance to start over.” There is always a new dawn and a new day to begin again. So, never, never beat yourself up. Love yourself dearly.

Furthermore, each day, create and engage in an activity which is related to the fulfillment of your intended goal. And, be sure to focus on this activity with anticipated excitement and joy; see it in your mind’s eye leading you to accomplish your intention. This keeps you connected to fulfillment of your intentions.

“Nothing happens until something moves!”  Albert Einstein

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  Winston Churchill

Susan Barbara Apollon

Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”
& Intuition Is Easy & Fun

©2010 Susan Barbara Apollon

Secrets To Finding Bliss & Making Miracles As We Set & Keep Resolutions And Intentions For The New Year

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“There are only two way to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. I choose the latter.” Albert Einstein

Here we go again…It is the setting of resolutions in the form of intentions and then waiting for us to “mess up” and beating ourselves up again for buying into the belief that we could succeed at the intentions we had set for ourselves. My gift to you this New Year is helping you recognize how amazing and powerful you are and that you can manifest any intention you create for 2010.

For starters, when you set your intention or make your resolution or two, you are actually hoping to create a mini or maxi miracle, something you passionately want, something that makes your heart smile each time you picture yourself fulfilling it. Making miracles is easier than you realize.

Making miracles or manifesting your intentions has everything to do with three major gifts (sometimes referred to as tools) with which you were born. Yes, you were born with them and they are an inherent part of your very being. They are part of your power and enable you to be and accomplish the extraordinary.

I have been teaching how to be aware of and harness these gifts to my patients for decades. I know, both personally and professionally, that when you learn to harness (through practice) these gifts, your life changes, and you recognize how much more joy, peace, satisfaction and unconditional love you experience. Keep in mind that the key to creating miracles is loving yourself unconditionally, joyfully and gently. I use these three gifts to help heal my patients by enabling them to use these tools to heal themselves!

As I see it, these three gifts are the gift of your Imagination, the gift of your Intuitive Wisdom and the gift of Breath. Einstein stated: “Imagination is more important the knowledge.” I encourage my patients to create in their mind’ eye an image or vision of what they  are dreaming about and hoping for and to get really excited and enthused about what they are imagining. I have used this in my own life and have taught it so that those dealing with life-threatening illnesses and even loss can expedite their healing. Your cells (you have 60 trillion of them) experience the high vibrational energy of your enthusiasm which then contributes to your body’s production of the cells needed for a healthy immune system.

When you practice breathing by visualizing warm, healing, soothing energy entering you on your inhalation (through your nostrils) and moving down through your body, bringing peace to your cells, and then, in your mind’s eye, see and feel on your exhalation that you are breathing out through your mouth (lips parted slightly) anything tense or worrisome, your body experiences a sense of warmth, heaviness and relaxation.

Focusing on your in-breath and out-breath several times creates a sense of quiet and stillness. It also shifts you energetically to a higher vibration which enhances your ability to be aware of your third gift, your Intuitive Wisdom or Higher Guidance. Focusing on your breath is essentially meditation – for those of you who shy away from the thought of “meditation.”

When you are breathing deeply, in a quiet, meditative place and feeling relaxed, you find yourself going within and become aware of the ways you receive wisdom or guidance from your intuition. (Sometimes you may see a sudden picture, or in your mind’s ear, hear a tune, a word or more. You might also feel a sudden pain in your body.) This is you getting in touch with you.  Sudden insights or “aha” moments can occur in these times.

Practicing these three gifts enables you to harness and make the most of them. By choosing to take a few minutes daily to simply breathe deeply, go within and experience your own inner stillness, you meet the world of both your Imagination and your Intuition. Thus, your three gifts provide you with what you need to change your perspective, “see” things differently which, in turn, can create the miracle of fulfilling your intention. This is extremely empowering!

More to come!

“Creating your intention is not as powerfully transformative as is your awareness of how you are managing the journey.”…Susan Barbara Apollon

Susan Barbara Apollon

Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”
& Intuition Is Easy & Fun

©2010 Susan Barbara Apollon