Spiritual Healing: Renew Your Spirit

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It's all about healing… In the July 2011 Issue of Personal Excellence I was honored to have Renew Your Spirit: Start making these 12 choices included in their Inspiration Spirit section and wanted to share this with you:

SPIRITUAL HEALING MEANS creating a shift in energy by making 12 choices:

• Create harmony and balance through breath meditation. Practice daily breath meditation for 15 minutes: Visualize your breath coming in from God or the Universe, merging with you (your body, thoughts, feelings), and filling you with healing energy. See your out breath nudging out all negative or painful thoughts or images, leaving you feeling better.

• Become aware of your power through journaling. Journal for 15 minutes a day about situations and incidents when you felt your power. Then note how your fears or insecurities steal your power. List ways you can reclaim your power (actions, self-talk, affirmations, breath meditation, taking courses).

• Affirm your power during the day. Write affirmations and visualize and feel the power in you as you daily affirm: I Am . . . worthy, wise, beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, loving, forgiving, strong, lovable, protected and watched over. Display them to remind you of your power.

• Choose forgiveness. Detach from old hurts, resentments, and betrayals. Bring to mind the person or issue that creates pain for you, then face it, embrace it, breathe it out, and say I forgive you or I surrender you to God, because I choose to move on with my life. Forgive another for you, not for him or her. Feel the relief.

• Practice visualization. Picturing what you want in your mind’s eye helps you co-create that outcome. A positive image helps you feel confidence instead of worry/fear, and attract good things.

•Perform an act of compassion, caring, kindness, and service daily. Choose any activity in which you do something for another person or group with authentic feelings of compassion and love. Do a physical deed that impacts the quality of life of another person or being.

• Choose to be inspired. Choose to read or listen to materials that inform, soothe, entertain, and inspire you.

•Take action on at least one intention. Gather courage and take action toward at least one intention every day.

• Create a sacred space for prayer in home or office; and there pray daily–expressing gratitude and asking for assistance. Of course, you can pray anywhere, anytime.

• Remember your blessings.Show gratitude when you pray. Thank you is a high vibration. During the day, give thanks for each blessing; and as you say it, picture it.

• Love yourself first; then love others. Love yourself by devoting at least a half-hour doing something for yourself. Pursue your passion! You can’t love others if you don’t first love yourself

• Smile, laugh, tell a joke or story, watch a funny movie, dance your favorite dance, or listen to your favorite music.Laughter and music are good for raising your energetic vibrations. You are here for joy. Choose what makes you feel joy, and you’ll attract good things.

Susan Apollon, an intuitive psychologist, is author of Touched by the Extraordinary: Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope. www.TouchedByTheExtraordinary.com

ACTION: Renew your spirit in these 12 ways.

Reprint from July 2011 Personal Excellence

When implementing these 12 choices to renew your spirit, please let me know how your inspiration and spiritual healing is evolving.

Love, Inspiration & Healing,