Grief Help For Healing Mind, Body And Soul: Healing Stories Of Love, Loss And Hope Create Miracles

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Healing Stories for Grief Help Create Miracles

Are you dealing with grief, have you experienced the loss of a loved one or do you wish you had the power to experience a miracle because you are not sure how you will survive your circumstances? A given in life is that there are aspects you can't control, be it the weather, the economy, people, life and death. Furthermore, the twists and turns of what you can’t control impact your health, relationships, finances, identity and lifestyle. And, it is all about loss of something or someone near and dear to you, including your sense of purpose. If you have experienced any of these circumstances, then you are in need of hope. Hope is an energetic force which sustains life. It is for this reason that I chose to write Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope. It is my gift of hope to you.

"Never deprive someone of hope — it may be all they have." ~Anonymous

A healing tonic for the soul, hope is something you lose when overwhelmed by life’s events or failed attempts to achieve your goals, but which can be easily restored through the awareness of what others in your position have experienced. Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope is an inspirational collection of healing stories of those dealing with loss, like you. It was written for those who found reason to believe they could survive and recover because miraculous events had taken place which assured them of the power of love and that they were not alone, as they had previously thought.

I have watched, often in astonishment, during the past two and half decades, the changes in my grieving, ill and disappointed patients as they would tell me their healing stories of stunning miracles and improvements in their situations. I observed that with the sharing of their stories, they would experience a transformation and a healing of their souls and, at times, even their bodies. In fact, while recounting their healing stories, their shift in energy would become remarkably more apparent as they would smile, laugh, and exhibit greater energy.

The power of the stories of my patients and others whom I interviewed is that not only do they experience well-being while telling their healing stories, but you, the listener, also feel what they feel, be it joy, love or amazement – and you always come away feeling lighter and better.

Healing Stories for those in need of hope…

I wrote Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope while being guided by a specific vision and intention. Recognizing the destructive power of the loss of hope, I visualized a collection of stories that would accomplish two goals: First, each story would comfort and touch the heart of the grieving reader — Second, each would provide the reader with main characters who would serve as role models who were dealing with situations similar to those of the reader , enabling the recognition that if the character could get through such difficulties, there could be hope for the reader as well. Actually, there would be more than hope. The reader, I felt, would recognize his or her ability to reclaim his or her inherent power.

You are powerful. However, what I have discovered is that as a normal human being, you lose the awareness of your power as you navigate your way through the journey of life – but you always live with the intention of eventually reclaiming it. I believe that every story in the collection is a testament to how resilient you are as you meet the challenges of life which contribute to your healing and personal growth.

My personal hope is that as you read healing stories of answered prayers, angelic protection, healings, wondrous synchronicities, the wise guidance of intuition and visits, communication and signs from deceased loved ones, you will allow your heart to open enough to remember the powerful energy of love and to entertain the thought that you are able to create miracles in your life.

My research and clinical work has taught me that you are not only touched by the extraordinary, you are extraordinary! Once you choose to focus on what brings you hope, you experience a wonderful sense of empowerment. With empowerment, comes the intuitive knowing that you are not alone and that you are born with resources which enable you to reclaim your purpose and your identity.

This is the power of healing stories: they remind us of our resilience in the most difficult times, while inspiring, motivating and deeply touching our souls with much needed hope.

"Hope is the companion of power, and mother of success; for who so hopes strongly has within him the gift of miracles." Samuel Smiles

Love & Healing,

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of Touched By The Extraordinary Book 1
& Book 2 Healing Stories of Love, Loss & Hope

©2012 Susan Barbara Apollon

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