Celebrating the Seasons Growth, Change & Miracles

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Finding Miracles in Growth & Change

With another spring behind us and the promise of a beautiful summer ahead of us, I am reminded of how much "change" can add to our lives if we allow it to be the natural, eternal progression that it truly is. And, although the changes that take place in our everyday lives may not always be as predictable as the turning of the seasons, they are certainly no less significant. 

With every change we experience there is always a period of letting go of the familiar and the comfortable, followed by a period of uncertainty and, very often, grief. Whether it be a loved one who has transitioned, a job that has been lost, a marriage that has dissolved, a home that we must leave, or even one of our children going off to college, all change requires a period of adjustment to our new circumstances–an adjustment to a space that was once filled and is now seemingly empty. And, as difficult as these adjustments are for some of us, this is the time that miracles often become part of our lives; if we will only open ourselves up to the beauty of the unknown by embracing the very personal experience of letting go.

Sooner or later, most of us will feel the profound pain that comes with losing a friend or family member. But grief isn't all tears and suffering. It’s also a pathway to spiritual growth, the birth of hope, and a deeper capacity for peace and joy. At some point in our lives, many of us have lost a job or a home or a way of life that was familiar and comfortable to us. And, these losses, too, are no less difficult to adjust to than the loss of a beloved friend, pet or family member.

What can help us most through any loss is knowing that others have experienced what we are experiencing, and that we are not alone. And what can help us even more during these changes, is hearing the inspiring true-life stories of others who have also walked the path of loss, grief, and uncertainty–finding their way, healing, learning, growing and, finally, understanding that change is an integral part of life. Their heartfelt stories of synchronicities, answered prayers and miraculous events help us expand our own awareness of the beautiful journey of Life, bringing us an astonishing sense of joy, acceptance, and inner-peace.

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Wishing you all a happy, safe and beautiful summer!

With Blessings of Warmth & Love,


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