Use Your Extraordinary Power To Make A Difference In Your World

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Make A Difference In Your World

Have you noticed that as you move through the lifespan, you do experience a transformation that is not only physical but, also, emotional and spiritual. For example, when you study women's development, you learn that the majority of women experience physiological changes as they move into their late forties and fifties, which, in turn, initiate a number of other emotional and mental changes, so often perceived as losses. Men, too, undergo changes that impact them across all levels of functioning. There is, on the other hand, another way (which I have chosen) to think of such changes. You can choose to celebrate these experiences, seeing them as gifts that serve to enhance the quality of your life. Just by changing your perspective, miracles can become a more common — rather than uncommon — aspect of your life!

Let me explain… The ceasing of a woman's menstrual cycle, for example, actually leads to an increase in some hormones, such as testosterone. Thus, menopausal women, who were previously patient and tolerant in putting up with the actions of citizens who showed little care and sensitivity for others, no longer demonstrate such patience and tolerance. Sensing injustice, be it on the highway, at work, in relationships and in professional, political and personal settings, these women become more vociferous, more action oriented and wish to take it upon themselves — to make a difference — to "fix the problem — or the mess!" 

Whether you are approaching the age of such physical, emotional, mental or spiritual changes — or not, research does demonstrate the value of participation in activities which reinforce your sense of doing for others and making a difference — for someone — something — somewhere! And, all of this contributes to you feeling MARVELLOUS! Such choices of involvement in improving the lot of others — or the earth — have the ability to help you heal and be happier on several levels.


Make A Difference - Save the Dolphins and Whales


I recently received an e-mail from the Move-On organization that addressed the need to quickly act. It asked that I sign a petition that addressed the US Navy's impact on the environment with their plan for "the use of high-frequency underwater sound for testing which will deafen 15,900 whales and dolphins and kill 1,800 more over the next five years." I strongly felt then — and now — that this is not acceptable — that you and I, with our voice and our choice, have the power to help stop this from taking place. And, so, I along with countless numbers of others, chose to express my feelings by signing the petition — and, hopefully, to make a difference.

Male or female, the quality of your life rests on the choices you make in how you wish to spend your time, energy and resources. No matter what age or gender you may be, choose wisely. By opening your mind and heart to what serves the good of others and the planet, you contribute to the evolution of your own soul, as well as that of all humanity. And, with such an evolution, peace is not far behind.

Make a difference in our world

Love & Healing,

Susan Barbara Apollon

Author of Touched By The Extraordinary Book 1 & Book 2 Healing Stories of Love, Loss & Hope

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