Peace and Healing in the Presence of Angels

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An article that has received significant coverage recently appeared in the news regarding the release of a new book, In the Shadow of a Badge, A Spiritual Memoir, authored by Lillie Leonardi, a retired police officer who had been working for the FBI when 9/11 occurred. Leonardi wrote that when she had arrived at the site of the United Airlines Flight 93 crash, about three hours after it had occurred, she was stunned to discover that there was only a small smoldering crater filled with minimal debris (considering the size of the jetliner and number of passengers and crew that had been on board) – and that there were no bodies.

The Presence of Angels

When interviewed about the book by Joe Mandak of the Associate Press, Leonardi said, "I'm used to crime scenes but this one blew me out of the water. It just looked like the ground had swallowed up the plane… That’s when I started seeing like shimmery lights… and it was kind of misty, and that’s when I first saw the angels there."



She explained that she said nothing to anyone at the time, for fear of others thinking she had lost her mind. Yet, Leonetti befriended many of the survivors of the crash, and the site itself, which is considered holy, sacred ground, has been named the Flight 93 National Memorial. Leonetti admits that in the years following this event, it is her soul-searching that led her to writing the book and sharing what the experience of seeing the angels has meant to her.

It is the meaning we give to the moments in which we feel we are in some way connected to angels that has the ability to impact and transform our lives.

For example, if you question whether or not your angels are with you, even if you have not been personally touched by an angel, just hearing about the stories of others who have experienced angels can contribute to a sense of validation for you that in your most difficult of circumstances, you are not alone and help is available. Furthermore, the help can come from a variety of sources, including God.

In my own life, angels did not become the focus of my attention until my patients and others began sharing their mystifying and extraordinary encounters with deceased loved ones, as well as their near-death experiences in which they felt that it was an angel that saved them from dying. It was these stories that contributed to my own initiation of significant research dealing with prayer, life after life, consciousness, quantum physics, intuition and energy healing modalities.

The gift of placing your attention on such topics is that it opens your heart and mind to the possibility that there is much more than what you can see, touch and feel — and that even you may be more than what you thought yourself to be! A whole new perspective about your life and purpose develops as you allow your heart to open to the meaning and implications of the miraculous stories of angels, guides and deceased loved ones.

With an increased awareness of the presence of angels in my life, I realized that I am never alone and that when I do call out for help, my pleas are answered. This has enabled me to feel more comfortable, grounded, confident and peaceful. In fact, it has been the responses of my angels at critical times in my own journey that led me to including their stories in both my books, Touched by the Extraordinary (One and Two).

When a stunning synchronicity occurs in your life, you may possibly conclude its meaning for you to be that you do not travel this lifetime alone, and that, if you need support, it is available – if you just ask. My own experiences with my angels have enabled me to feel especially cared about and unconditionally accepted by the most loving energy. Simply by calling out for assistance, either verbally or non-verbally, I learned that I would be eventually given what I needed.

Angels Bring Healing…

Lilly Leonetti, in her interview with Mandak, stated the essence of the meaning of angels in her life. She explained that she primarily wrote her book to bring healing and comfort to the survivors. In her words: "The purpose of the book is to tell the story of the angels being there, so that other people understand that God was there."

My hope is that when you feel you are being touched by your angels, you will allow yourself to step back and reflect on the meaning of this in your life. You may discover an underlying healing value that can forever change the course of your journey.

Love & Healing,

Susan Barbara Apollon

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