Love Yourself and Forgive Yourself

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"The secret to making peace with others is to first love and forgive YOURSELF unconditionally. This may seem like an odd way to begin, but self-love and forgiveness—which may be thought of as two sides of the same coin—are at the heart of everything."

~Susan Barbara Apollon
©2015 & Beyond

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 Love Yourself and Forgive Yourself

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The Journey Of Life…

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"The journey of life is more about recognizing that we are here to move from the control and power of our minds to the truth and beauty of our hearts"

~Susan Barbara Apollon
©2015 & Beyond

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 The Journey Of Life

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Feelings and Thoughts…

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"The moment you understand that you can manage only your own feelings and thoughts, you will find power you didn't know you had."

~Susan Barbara Apollon
©2015 & Beyond

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 feelings and thoughts

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An Extraordinary Story of Hope…

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For the New Year


As I write this, I wonder how many of you are thinking about the loved ones in your life who are no longer physically here. The holidays, beginning with Thanksgiving through the New Year are times when we become more aware of the fragility of life – as we are frequently reminded of our losses. Every meal, decoration, activity and, often, individuals in our lives are tied to the memory of those we love and times we have shared with them. Our hearts immediately fill with a sense of heaviness and sadness.

I am no different than you. My mom and dad both died between the 26th and 29th of December. Like many of you, my body usually remembers this before my mind. I find that my emotions seem to overwhelm me. Beginning at Thanksgiving and throughout December, I think about and miss them much more.

But, the reason I choose to write this – for each of you – is to offer you reassurance that your loved ones are with you whenever you need them to be. I know, from my research dealing with Consciousness and Energy and my clinical work with patients, that though the physical body passes, the spirit of loved ones is around whenever needed and that we have the ability to connect with their spirit when we choose.

Touched by the Extraordinary Books One and Two are both filled with true stories of loved ones who continue to communicate with family members and friends. There is one story that you need to know – which has not yet been told. It is the story of my sweet, dear patient, Marissa (a pseudonym). She would have given me permission to share this, had she lived, as she had with other stories. In this case, it is her husband, Dave (a pseudonym), who has shared this with me, so that others may have the hope they need.

Despite being a valiant fighter, Marissa died in August of this year. Because I had the privilege of working with her for the past two years, I was able to see, first hand, how committed she was to healing her body, mind and spirit. Had you known her, you would have loved her – and deeply admired her wise and courageous spirit. She was spunky, pure love, caring, creative, warm, bright, and always, always made you feel special.

Working with Marissa was both an honor and a responsibility. She was eager to gain clarity about what she needed to heal emotionally, mentally and spiritually and expedite her own physical healing. She and her husband were eager to understand the energetic impact of her unresolved, childhood issues on her adult experiences and her health. During the time we worked together, she grew enormously in spiritual understanding, enabling her to experience greater peace, balance and well-being.

As you can imagine, losing Marissa took an enormous toll on Dave. Though he was spiritually in a better place, he missed her physical presence. When two people have been together for several decades, they are as one… in their thoughts, activities — almost everything. Dave felt the emptiness within his heart, home and life without his Marissa. He had no one with whom to share his thoughts, plans, activities and his heart.

Before Marissa died, she and Dave had a conversation in which Marissa asked Dave what he would want in his life, should she die. He answered her truthfully (anticipating the devastating loneliness he would feel), saying that if he were to go on without Marissa, he would want to have a woman like her – a companion who was his lover, best friend and confidant. While initially upset, Marissa understood this.

In the months following Marissa's death, she has provided Dave and her family with many signs of her presence, including the presence of butterflies, ladybugs and the occurrence of numerous stunning synchronicities. Additionally, Dave has been blessed to be able to work with several gifted healers and intuitives who have enabled numerous ongoing communications with Marissa.

The beauty of these synchronicities and communications is that Marissa has let Dave know she remains with him, despite the loss of her physicality- and that she is determined to care for him. During one of the meetings with an intuitive, Marissa told Dave that she had selected someone very special for him. She emphasized that he needed to be patient because time was needed for him to heal his grief. But, she indicated that in the months to come, in one of the spiritual classes he was taking, he would be meeting the woman she had chosen for him.

Recently, almost six months after Marissa's passing, Dave came into our session, appearing to be more relaxed, more at peace and happier. He explained that he was sure he had met the woman of whom Marissa had "spoken." And, they met in a spiritual class they were both taking! This woman has also experienced the death of her spouse.

Why was he sure this was the right woman? It was due to the circumstances in which he met her – and one other reason. Dave was at a loss without Marissa. He was struggling to deal with the chaos brought on by her passing; Marissa had brought order to their life, business and home. In one of their meetings, Marissa acknowledged that Dave needed help with organizing his life and that she would help. The woman he has met has expertise in organization skills and she, too, will be helping Dave get back on his feet.

Dave, a man of some skepticism, has found that these two occurrences validate for him the Truth that his Marissa is really with him, tenderly and lovingly watching over him, her children and grandchildren.

I share this story with you to provide you with hope for the difficult losses you may sustain this year and for those you have suffered in the past year. You and I and our loved ones are eternal… and it is that love that maintains the connection. Open your heart to this possibility and you will be blessed with more and more miracles in your life!

Wishing you abundant good health, happiness and peace throughout 2015 and beyond.  

With Love,    

Susan Barbara Apollon          

Story of Hope              

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Happy New Year 2015

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I wish for you a New Year filled with abundant peace,
happiness, good health and prosperity.
May you have joy in the moment,  
comfort with friends and family,
and may you realize how amazing and
resilient you are in meeting life's challenges.

With Loving Wishes for a Beautiful New Year,

~Susan Barbara Apollon  ©2015 & Beyond

Happy New Year