Love and Honor Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit

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“When you remember to love and honor the being next to you, you, too, shall receive gifts which have the power to transform and heal your body, mind and soul. May every moment be filled with the magic of miracles and mystery and much, much love!”

~Susan Barbara Apollon
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Expecting the Extraordinary Invite Miracles to Bless You

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Susan Apollon says that "Miracles do not happen by coincidence-we are designed for them". Here's what you can do to invite those moments of divine magnitude into your life.

Albert Einstein once said of miracles: "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." Intuitive psychologist and author Susan Apollon agrees, and has spent more than two decades backing up this hypothesis by studying the nature of miracles and the conditions under which they occur. Her conclusion? That everyone can receive these natural gifts because we are all spiritually connected to God, Source, Allah, or whatever a person chooses to call this wellspring of goodness.

Touched By The Extraordinary Book 2 - Guides us through change..."People seem to have a natural connection to miracles," says Apollon, author of Touched by the Extraordinary, Book Two: Healing Stories of Love, Loss & Hope (Matters of the Soul, 2010, ISBN: 978-0-9754036-9-3, $24.95, "No matter what religion we follow, we seem to intuitively know that miracles occur. Many of us have experienced them firsthand, and from what I've observed, most of us would welcome them into our own lives."

Apollon points to the results of a Pew Forum on Religion survey released a few years back showing that nearly 80 percent of Americans believe in miracles. This group of believers included many people who described themselves as being unaffiliated with any particular religious tradition.

"Miracles just seem to be part of the human experience," says Apollon.

Indeed, this theme runs deeply in Apollon's latest book. Touched by the Extraordinary, Book Two is a collection of real-life occurrences-including messages sent from loved ones who've passed on, angel visitations, and signs-that can be defined only as the stuff of miracles.

In one story, as a family was gathered after their nine-year-old daughter's funeral, one stuffed dog activated itself and began barking and another followed a certain family member around the room. In another, written by breast surgeon and author Beth DuPree, MD, a ladybug was present at a friend's deathbed, and for weeks afterward, numerous ladybugs appeared in random places-including under a stack of résumés and even in a pitcher of pomegranate martinis!

Apollon describes her clients' experiences as "blessings that made them feel safe, holy, divine, not alone, protected, and taken care of–and frequently, just made them smile." She says that studies in quantum physics suggest that anyone with the right mindset can live a life rich in miracles from the small to the momentous. You simply have to foster your ability to invite them in.

Here are a few suggestions and insights that will prepare you to receive your own miracles:

  • Give yourself permission to be open to extraordinary experiences. "As a psychologist who has sat with patients who have shared countless wondrous stories of small and large miraculous events in their lives, I have come to recognize that the ability to experience miracles is often dependent on whether or not you choose to allow for the possibility of miracles in your life," writes Apollon. Accept that you will allow the Universe to do its good, and it will respond accordingly.
  • Immerse yourself in stories of the miraculous. Many, many people have had miraculous experiences. When you read about or listen to the amazing things they've experienced, you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually "set the stage" to notice the small miracles you might be overlooking in your own life and to open yourself up to receive new ones. This is one reason Apollon wrote her book and also recorded herself reading its content in audio book format.
    "Someone can tell you all day long that the soul survives death, that your loved one is in a better place, and that God loves you,"
    says Apollon. "But until you hear these pieces of information in the context of a story, they don't resonate, and they might even be easy to disbelieve or dismiss. Essentially, stories speak to us in such a way that bypasses the thinking brain and connects to visceral truths."
  • Rediscover your spirituality. Take time to connect with your own soul and with the Source by returning to-or visiting for the first time-prayer, ritual, and faith. Learn to meditate while breathing deeply or do yoga. Most of all, try to reach a point at which you feel your connection to the Universe and everything in it.
  • Commit to making significant changes in negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This is especially important for a person suffering an illness because "anxiety and desperation have a strong tendency to block your ability to heal." Apollon says that to change this stone-set pattern we must always be aware of what we are feeling and then consciously change our thoughts, replacing negative or disturbing images with positive and empowering ones.
    "If you think positive thoughts, you will attract positive things, people, and events into your life,"
    explains Apollon. "What we focus on causes us to ‘vibrate' at a particular level-and thus, focusing on thoughts or images that make us feel good or better will enable us to be at a higher level energetically and, consequently, will draw to us a higher level of vibrational experience. This, in turn, invites miracles!"
  • Keep a synchronicity journal. Synchronicity is the flow of "meaningful coincidences" that indicate that life, all life, is connected in a complex web of psychic moments, signs, and symbols, and shivers of spiritual connectedness. The sheer volume of these subtle miracles that happen in so many different lives adds up to powerful evidence of "something greater." "The numbers," Apollon says, "will be far greater than you may have imagined."
  • Write down your intentions. In detail, record on paper with joyful enthusiasm exactly what you desire from the Universe–daily. Expect good things to be placed in your path and they will come–be it a spiritual visit from a passed loved one, a new chance in a waning relationship, or a miraculous recovery.

Above all, keeping your heart brimming full of love and compassion is the most important factor needed in the creation of miracles. If we all are somehow connected together, this simple intention is the healing balm needed to rescue Earth and all souls upon it. What better way to begin fresh in the new year than with a new faith-based attitude that risks little sorrow and at most promises unprecedented hope and joy?

Apollon asserts, "I think we're all hungry for that, even diehard skeptics. Especially diehard skeptics. My overreaching message is that life itself is extraordinary–miraculous! And all it takes to realize that is to open your eyes and see the amazing things that surround us all, every day."

©2013  Susan Barbara Apollon
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Holidays: A Time For Miracles And Booksignings

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A Thanksgiving Miracle

Anna* (a pseudonym) wrote to me at Thanksgiving, sharing a beautiful story of how her recently deceased husband found a creative way to say "Hello" and "I love you." Briefly, Anna explained that she had deeply missed and grieved for her husband over the holiday weekend, especially because the holiday was also his birthday. Feeling particularly heartbroken, she shed many tears as she visited his gravesite at the cemetery.

When she awoke the following morning, she walked into the hallway of her home where her precious dog, Jenny*, was asleep on the floor. In her words, "Low and behold, she had a white feather on the top of her front leg. Oh my God! I ran to get my camera, took the picture which shows an orb with three circles within the long strand (of the orb). Of course, I really started crying then, but what an amazing gift for me!" Feathers have become one of the primary ways her husband communicates his presence to her; this was particularly meaningful and miraculous for Anna.

Anna’s story helped her feel better and had a healing effect. Her story is similar to those in both Touched by the Extraordinary: Books One and Two. I feel that if it helped her heal, it can help you, as well.



210 Commerce Blvd., Fairless Hills, PA 19030

I will be signing copies of Touched by the Extraordinary:
Books One and Two

I will also be offering a special gift of one of my CDs as my way of saying
"Thank you" from my heart for your purchase.

The CD can also be given as a holiday gift, if you so choose.

A PERSONAL NOTE: Each year, thanks to your ongoing belief in the healing value of Touched by the Extraordinary: Books One and Two, you have spread the word and encouraged those who are seeking hope to read either or both of the Touched by the Extraordinary books.

Born out of the stories of miracles you and so many patients, friends and others have shared with me, Touched by the Extraordinary Books One and Two have provided hope, comfort and inspiration to those of you who personally are — or have loved ones who are challenged by illness, loss and trauma.

Each Chanukah and Christmas, I experience the joy of knowing, thanks to the wonderful feedback I have received, that there are many whose pain and suffering are in some way being mitigated by reading or listening to the extraordinary stories that have helped my patients and so many others heal emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Please consider letting those who are dealing with any kind of loss or illness know about these special dates at Barnes & Noble, so that I might sign books for them, as well as for them to give as special uplifting gifts for the holidays.

*I will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of both books to The Healing Consciousness Foundation, created by breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Beth DuPree, to provide complementary services to women challenged by breast cancer.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with you in person.

In the meantime, may each day be one of joy and peace for you and your loved ones.

Blessings of Peace, Love & Miracles,

Susan Apollon



Miracle of Giving

Celebrating the Seasons Growth, Change & Miracles

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Finding Miracles in Growth & Change

With another spring behind us and the promise of a beautiful summer ahead of us, I am reminded of how much "change" can add to our lives if we allow it to be the natural, eternal progression that it truly is. And, although the changes that take place in our everyday lives may not always be as predictable as the turning of the seasons, they are certainly no less significant. 

With every change we experience there is always a period of letting go of the familiar and the comfortable, followed by a period of uncertainty and, very often, grief. Whether it be a loved one who has transitioned, a job that has been lost, a marriage that has dissolved, a home that we must leave, or even one of our children going off to college, all change requires a period of adjustment to our new circumstances–an adjustment to a space that was once filled and is now seemingly empty. And, as difficult as these adjustments are for some of us, this is the time that miracles often become part of our lives; if we will only open ourselves up to the beauty of the unknown by embracing the very personal experience of letting go.

Sooner or later, most of us will feel the profound pain that comes with losing a friend or family member. But grief isn't all tears and suffering. It’s also a pathway to spiritual growth, the birth of hope, and a deeper capacity for peace and joy. At some point in our lives, many of us have lost a job or a home or a way of life that was familiar and comfortable to us. And, these losses, too, are no less difficult to adjust to than the loss of a beloved friend, pet or family member.

What can help us most through any loss is knowing that others have experienced what we are experiencing, and that we are not alone. And what can help us even more during these changes, is hearing the inspiring true-life stories of others who have also walked the path of loss, grief, and uncertainty–finding their way, healing, learning, growing and, finally, understanding that change is an integral part of life. Their heartfelt stories of synchronicities, answered prayers and miraculous events help us expand our own awareness of the beautiful journey of Life, bringing us an astonishing sense of joy, acceptance, and inner-peace.

In celebration of the coming of yet another beautiful season of growth, expansion, and becoming more, I have reduced the price of both of my "Touched by the Extraordinary" books (Kindle Editions) to just 99 cents each:


Embracing Growth & Change through Touched By The Extraordinary


(Paperback: $15.56) . . . Kindle Special: $0.99 until June 3, midnight

All Countries:

Healing Stories of Love, Loss & Hope
(Hardcover: $24.95) . . . Kindle Special: $0.99 until June 3, midnight

All Countries:

It is my hope that these books will bring you much comfort in uncertain times, as well as many moments of joy. If you already have the hardcover or softcover editions, this special Kindle edition would make a wonderful gift for anyone who is experiencing a difficult loss of any kind.

Wishing you all a happy, safe and beautiful summer!

With Blessings of Warmth & Love,


p.s. All comments left in the “Customer Reviews” section on are greatly appreciated… not only does your feedback help me to better understand the feelings of my readers, but more importantly, each and every comment offers tremendous insight and valuable information to others.

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Grief Help For Healing Mind, Body And Soul: Healing Stories Of Love, Loss And Hope Create Miracles

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Healing Stories for Grief Help Create Miracles

Are you dealing with grief, have you experienced the loss of a loved one or do you wish you had the power to experience a miracle because you are not sure how you will survive your circumstances? A given in life is that there are aspects you can't control, be it the weather, the economy, people, life and death. Furthermore, the twists and turns of what you can’t control impact your health, relationships, finances, identity and lifestyle. And, it is all about loss of something or someone near and dear to you, including your sense of purpose. If you have experienced any of these circumstances, then you are in need of hope. Hope is an energetic force which sustains life. It is for this reason that I chose to write Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope. It is my gift of hope to you.

"Never deprive someone of hope — it may be all they have." ~Anonymous

A healing tonic for the soul, hope is something you lose when overwhelmed by life’s events or failed attempts to achieve your goals, but which can be easily restored through the awareness of what others in your position have experienced. Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope is an inspirational collection of healing stories of those dealing with loss, like you. It was written for those who found reason to believe they could survive and recover because miraculous events had taken place which assured them of the power of love and that they were not alone, as they had previously thought.

I have watched, often in astonishment, during the past two and half decades, the changes in my grieving, ill and disappointed patients as they would tell me their healing stories of stunning miracles and improvements in their situations. I observed that with the sharing of their stories, they would experience a transformation and a healing of their souls and, at times, even their bodies. In fact, while recounting their healing stories, their shift in energy would become remarkably more apparent as they would smile, laugh, and exhibit greater energy.

The power of the stories of my patients and others whom I interviewed is that not only do they experience well-being while telling their healing stories, but you, the listener, also feel what they feel, be it joy, love or amazement – and you always come away feeling lighter and better.

Healing Stories for those in need of hope…

I wrote Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope while being guided by a specific vision and intention. Recognizing the destructive power of the loss of hope, I visualized a collection of stories that would accomplish two goals: First, each story would comfort and touch the heart of the grieving reader — Second, each would provide the reader with main characters who would serve as role models who were dealing with situations similar to those of the reader , enabling the recognition that if the character could get through such difficulties, there could be hope for the reader as well. Actually, there would be more than hope. The reader, I felt, would recognize his or her ability to reclaim his or her inherent power.

You are powerful. However, what I have discovered is that as a normal human being, you lose the awareness of your power as you navigate your way through the journey of life – but you always live with the intention of eventually reclaiming it. I believe that every story in the collection is a testament to how resilient you are as you meet the challenges of life which contribute to your healing and personal growth.

My personal hope is that as you read healing stories of answered prayers, angelic protection, healings, wondrous synchronicities, the wise guidance of intuition and visits, communication and signs from deceased loved ones, you will allow your heart to open enough to remember the powerful energy of love and to entertain the thought that you are able to create miracles in your life.

My research and clinical work has taught me that you are not only touched by the extraordinary, you are extraordinary! Once you choose to focus on what brings you hope, you experience a wonderful sense of empowerment. With empowerment, comes the intuitive knowing that you are not alone and that you are born with resources which enable you to reclaim your purpose and your identity.

This is the power of healing stories: they remind us of our resilience in the most difficult times, while inspiring, motivating and deeply touching our souls with much needed hope.

"Hope is the companion of power, and mother of success; for who so hopes strongly has within him the gift of miracles." Samuel Smiles

Love & Healing,

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of Touched By The Extraordinary Book 1
& Book 2 Healing Stories of Love, Loss & Hope

©2012 Susan Barbara Apollon

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The Secrets Of Creating Miracles – A Compassionate Heart And A Change In Perspective

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Creating Miracles

Miracles come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and circumstances. Just by changing your thoughts or perspective about how you view a situation or person enables you to feel as though a miracle has taken place. Perhaps this is because two key characteristics of miracles are that they are expressions of love and they usually involve changes in your perspective. Hurricane Irene, a recent event on the East Coast provided many opportunities for miracles to occur.

“There are only two ways to view life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle
and the other is as though everything is a miracle.
I choose the latter.”

~Albert Einstein

For example, who would have ever considered that a huge monster hurricane, Irene, which rolled over much of the East Coast of the United States, might result in circumstances which could be considered gifts? The reporter who covered Times Square during the event could not help but comment on the impact of Irene on the people of New York. Imagine what he was feeling when he commented that people who had come together because they had no electricity, no places to eat and no physical way to get to where they wanted to go, were, for the first time in his memory (aside from 9/11), showing concern for one another, offering assistance to others and being openly kind, caring and compassionate? It took a major threat to their well-being for people to open their hearts and extend their loving kindness to one another.

Miracles of Unexpected Gifts

Why would you call such actions gifts? Perhaps the word gift is the best description here because in such different, challenging times, when you are feeling a sense of isolation, doubt, fear, anxiety and concern for your well being, the greatest gift is another human being offering you kindness and caring about you and your well being. It always feels good to receive heartfelt caring – even from strangers! In difficult times, when you feel a lack of control and even helpless, it seems miraculous to receive unexpected gifts in the form of expressions of support.

I recall that just after completing the preparations for the arrival of what the media touted as “One of the biggest hurricanes to ever come up the East Coast – and one of the most dangerous”, Irene arrived with wind, rain and a number of tornadoes, all of which caused additional concern and lost sleep.

However, her impact was felt by many in extraordinary ways. Personally, I was deeply touched by friends and family who checked in with my husband and myself, volunteering their help and assuring us they would be there for us if we needed them. This was especially comforting for us. We, too, reached out to those we were worried about to confirm for them that they would not have to handle any disaster alone.

After the storm had passed, the winds were very strong and capable of bringing down huge trees and branches. The wind was also responsible for the loss of our electricity, a real problem if you have a sump pump that needs to always be on because of the constant flow of water coming into your basement from the drenched earth. As I walked outside our home, gathering fallen tree branches, I met a number of neighbors who were out, checking on one another and, again, offering help to each other to deal with the aftermath of the storm.


Creating Miracles After The Storm


It felt heartwarming to be talking with our neighbors. You could say we formed our own support group, even if just for a few minutes. We had a sense of connection and we knew that we were not alone in our difficulties…. (to be continued)

Love, Inspiration & Healing,

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of Touched By The Extraordinary Book 1
& Book 2 Healing Stories of Love, Loss & Hope

©2010 Susan Barbara Apollon

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