Haiti And How To Use The Energy Of Prayer And Love To Create Miracles…

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“When we send the energy of love and compassion to another person, it doesn’t matter if they know we are sending it. The important thing is that the energy is there and the heart of love is there and is being sent out into the world. When love and compassion are present in us, and we send them outward, then that is truly prayer.”  ~Thich Nhat Hahn, The Energy of Prayer

As a researcher of prayer and healing, I encourage you not to underestimate the power of prayer. Prayer is energy – and loving energy, at that. It is that simple. It can be directed to go anywhere you wish. I have been praying for those trapped in demolished buildings since the day the earthquake hit Haiti. You can pray for the well being of the island, for those who have lost their lives, for those souls trapped within buildings, for the children who have no parent and for those who have lost other family members.

Prayer represents your thoughts in the form of loving energy. The more prayers offered, the more loving energy is projected in the direction of the one for whom you pray. It helps to visualize what you are praying for and to also pray from a feel good, higher energetic place of vibration, such as from gratitude or giving thanks (in advance) for your answered prayer rather than from a lack or need of something.

Einstein’s words are relevant here:  “There are only two ways of looking at the world. One is as though nothing is a miracle and the other is as though everything is a miracle. I prefer the latter.”  Miracles are a function of love, and prayer is the medium for miracles. Allow yourself to be inspired by miraculous stories; breathe deeply, creating stillness, and visualize your heart filling with love. Then, while breathing deeply, see, in your mind’s eye, this love traveling to all people in Haiti. When the heart is filled with the energy of love and deliberately focused on a person or place, there is an energetic shift and healing is expedited.

In Touched by the Extraordinary, I wrote that prayer is something you can put in your back pocket, metaphorically. Whether you are in your car, at your kitchen table, in the shower, at a basketball or baseball game or practice watching your kids, or sitting at your workplace, take a few deep, warm, healing breaths, and in the silence you are creating, visualize your heart filling with love, and ask in prayer that your love be sent to those children and adults – and souls no longer physically present – and that it serve their highest good.

You can even visualize the Haitian children and adults being infused with and wrapped in a warm blanket of your love, and ask that they be blessed in all ways. You can’t go wrong with this. Even saying the simple prayer of “Please, God (or whoever your source may be), bless those in need in Haiti (or you can be more specific). It all works because it is being sent with the intention of love and because it is pure loving energy. Loving intention is a key factor in creating miracles.

Along with your intentional offering of prayers, you can, of course, collect needed items for the Haitian people, as well as donate whatever you can and participate in a myriad of volunteer assistance programs. Be aware, however, that the gift of you offering your love in the form of prayer is extraordinarily powerful in bringing about a restored sense of wholeness, balance and healing for the people, their country, for you and even for the planet. Such is the power of loving, healing intention and prayer.

Susan Barbara Apollon

Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”
& Intuition Is Easy & Fun

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Helping Those Who Cannot Help Themselves: The Healing Power of Prayer, Part 2

“Love, like hope, heals. It is the very foundation of prayer. If we allow hope to mingle with love, the “problem of false hope” will evaporate.” Larry Dossey, MD

The Spindrift Studies conducted in Salem, Oregon, beginning in 1975, were among the first, in a laboratory setting, to validate that prayer works. Since then, prominent researchers including Elizabeth Targ, MD, in 1999, and psychologist, Bernie Grad of Montreal’s McGill University, have conducted powerful  research concerning the impact of mind on mind and mind on matter.

Elizabeth Targ, Ph.D. conducted studies of the effects of prayer on AIDS patients, showing the positive, stunning impact of those who had been prayed for versus those who had not. This research scientifically demonstrated the power of healing intentions. Grad was the first to show that our thoughts and intentions have the power to influence other living things. Larry Dossey, MD, conducted his own research regarding prayer which he writes about in Healing Words and Prayer is Good Medicine, as well as Be Careful What You Pray For.

The bottom line here is that though we cannot prove the existence of God, we have been able to scientifically demonstrate the effect of distant healing intentions and prayer on other forms of life. This is why I pray for my patients and family on a daily basis.

What deeply moved and inspired me was the information channeled to two medical psychologists at a well known New York university which eventually came to be known as A Course in Miracles. Principle #11 of the Course states, “Prayer is the medium of miracles…Through prayer, love is received, and, through miracles, love is expressed.” I have never forgotten these words – and hope that you, too, will forever remember them.

Please, take five to ten minutes each morning and/or evening to light a candle and, then, offer prayers for those who are trapped beneath crushed fallen buildings, those who no longer have a home of their own, and those who are suffering because they have lost those they love. Ask the Higher Power in which you believe that these souls, who include children, adults and animals, be blessed with whatever they need for their highest good.

Your prayerful intentions carry great healing power.. You may even consider asking that those who are not likely to be found and who are slowly dying, be taken sooner than later, so that they will be freed from their indescribable pain. Pray for compassion and for love; pray from your heart. Your sincere, authentic, compassionate healing intentions will be known to and experienced by every one of your own cells – and you, too, will experience healing.

Susan Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

Helping Those Who Can Not Help Themeselves: The Healing Power of Prayer

“Should you pray? If you need to ask, you’ve probably begun.” Larry Dossey, MD

One of the most powerful ways we can live our lives with a deep sense of satisfaction and peace is to give purely, via prayer, from our heart, to individuals who are in dire need of our assistance, including those who are dealing with grief, trauma and loss.

Within recent weeks and months, we have learned of the loss of many thousands of people in Myanmar, due to massive storm and flooding this area has experienced. In China, thousands have lost their lives due to a horrific earthquake. Getting help to these individuals who are trapped, injured, lost and traumatized has been almost impossible, especially for those in the area of Myanmar.

Additionally, many thousands of people in the United States are undergoing horrific losses as raging flood waters have washed away their homes and flooded major cities in the Midwestern part of the United States, causing people to have neither homes, schools or businesses. This kind of devastation on such a large scale has not ever before been witnessed or experienced by American citizens in modern times. – other than 9/11.

Despite the efforts of the Red Cross and others throughout the world, people in other countries are not receiving assistance and thousands of people of all ages are dying. In the United States, the Red Cross and others are doing their best to assist the large numbers of people who are faced with having nowhere to go. You can do something, something very powerful to help these people. You can pray.

I have been researching Mind and Consciousness for many years, including research on prayer and healing. According to a group of quantum physicists, including Albert Einstein, everything in the Universe is energy and vibrates; furthermore, love is one of the highest and most powerful healing energetic vibrations.

Additionally, according to Einstein and his colleagues, your mind has the capacity to connect with and even influence minds anywhere, across time and space. Prayer is the vehicle of the intention of sending love to those in need of such high healing energy.

Part 2…

Susan Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”