Part Three: Secrets To Finding Bliss As We Set And Keep Our Resolutions And Intentions For The New Year…

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Life being what it is, you will at some point begin to notice that you may not be feeling as excited about your New Year’s resolutions and intentions as you initially were. Life happens. You will notice that your attention may feel as though it is disconnecting from your intention. Be prepared to anticipate such moments. This is where it helps to practice your ABC’s, something I created many years ago to help my patients heal themselves.

First, do A. Be aware of how you are feeling and what you are thinking! It is time to question Mind before it really does a job on you. Mind is what it is. Our job is, when we are not feeling good at our heart level, to question it!  Ask yourself, “How am I feeling and what am I thinking?” Given that you will probably be in a beat-yourself-up mode, due to being pulled away by the events of life, your thoughts may be, I can’t do this. I am failing at my resolutions. I don’t do anything right!”

Then, do B, once again.  Breathe! And as you breathe deeply, intentionally quiet yourself with each breath and go within. Once there, ask yourself: “How do I know that’s not so?” (I made it rhyme for young and old!) Now, in your stillness, ask your intuitive, meditative self for three proofs from your life experience when you were challenged and you thought you could not do something difficult, but you proved to yourself you could!

With your proofs in hand, do C which is choose another feel good image, picture or thought you can play or say to yourself that reconnects you with your intention. For example, “Of course, if I could accomplish the impossible in the past, I can do this now!” See yourself doing what you intended to do, be it volunteering, interacting with people as you start a new business. balancing your budget, eating healthier, looking slimmer -  you get the picture! Remember, everything is energy and, therefore, to feel good and accomplish your goal, you need to focus on a feel-good image or experience.

Finally, I highly recommend a journaling technique to accompany you in the process of fulfilling your intentions. I borrowed this from Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen who borrowed it from her friend who is an anthropologist. It is amazingly powerful and transformative because it is based on your own intuitive wisdom!

At the end of each day, set aside fifteen minutes. In a quiet place, take a few minutes to breathe deeply and create stillness. In your journal, begin to question your intuitive mind and write the first question: What surprised me today? Put your pen down; breathe deeply, go into the stillness and wait to receive images or words from your Higher Intuitive Wisdom and then write a few lines as an answer. Then write the second question: What moved or touched me today? Again, do the same process. Finally, write the last question and do the same thing: What inspired me today?

Extraordinary awareness, experiences and transformative growth emerge as the result of engaging in this exercise. The simple acts of choosing to breathe deeply, create stillness and question your intuitive mind allow you to receive the imaginative pictures and words to discover who you really are and what really matters to you, as well as to come to love yourself unconditionally (without judgment or criticism).

Fulfilling your intentions and New Year’s resolutions is not what this journey is about. Rather, this is a journey of you discovering you, how powerful you are and of you coming to love yourself unconditionally. This is a process which has the power to transform you as it fills you with peace and enables you to fulfill your intentions.  Creating peace in the New Year begins with self-transformation. Now this is what miracle-making is all about!

“I guess I was wrong when I said I never promised anyone. I promised me!” …Kermit the Frog

Susan Barbara Apollon

Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”
& Intuition Is Easy & Fun

©2010 Susan Barbara Apollon

The Healing Power Of Opening To The Extraordinary (Part Two)

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“Through his or her intuition, the multisensory human comes to understand and to experience truth consciously.” Gary Zukav

You are blessed to live your life with the following four major inherent powers, natural resources or gifts: your Consciousness, sometimes called Mind; your intuition; your ability to use your imagination, and your breath. With these, you have the power to expedite your healing.

Mind is so much more than the physical matter we call your brain. Mind is that part of you which enables you to connect with everyone and everything anywhere in the Universe. This is as impressive as it sounds. I like to think that we are always tapping into a huge field of mind energy, reworking what we take, adding to it and returning it back into the Field, causing it to expand even more.

Your intuition is your own inherent resource that enables you to know everything you need to know. This can be considered a WOW factor! You were born with a Knowing that has nothing to do with the rational mind or with your studies. This Knowing, sometimes called your sixth sense, is stored in every cell of your body, including your brain, your memories and your dreams. It represents your connection with your Higher Wisdom or the Wisdom of your Soul, or God or whatever you choose to call your source. Such Knowing guides you to do what you need to do for balance and wholeness.. The key is whether you choose to acknowledge and listen to this powerful wisdom. If you do, there can be healing.

Your imagination is an enormous resource for you because it allows you to create and manifest your reality (which may seem quite extraordinary before it becomes your reality). This is how Walt Disney created Disneyland! He imagined it with great passion and enthusiasm, just as you do with your dreams, and this led to his dream being fulfilled. I teach patients how to harness their imagination, via the use of imagery, to creatively come up with images to destroy unwanted cancer cells and contribute to healing, as well as to improve their chemotherapy experience. You can do this, as well.

Finally, your breath is a wondrous gift; in that, when you learn the art of focusing on your breath, you can become the master of you! This occurs when you learn to pay attention to your in-breath and out-breath and the path it takes as it enters and flows through you. When you do this, you have the ability to create relaxation and calm within the workings of your entire being.

There are two huge healing benefits of learning to harness the extraordinary gift of your breath. First, you are producing needed chemicals which enhance the working of your immune system and which restore you to balance and harmony. And, second, you are raising your energetic vibrations so that you are more apt to receive needed wisdom from your Higher Self which can also guide you to healing.
All of this makes you quite extraordinary! Yet, these natural resources enable you to also easily access the “extraordinary” or remarkable aspects of life, and, in doing this, you also enhance your ability to heal. So, what are these “extraordinary” aspects which bring you closer to restoring your own inner harmony, balance and wholeness? (TO BE CONTINUED)

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

©Copyright 2008 Susan Barbara Apollon

Goodbye Sudden Moodswings: Hello Stability, Peace & Life, Part 2

“We must make our homes centers of compassion and forgiveness.” Mother Theresa

The SIXTH STEP : Ask for names of excellent psychologists or social workers with whom you can meet. Why talk? Well, yes, it is good to give expression to your feelings. But, there is more. The value of talking with someone you trust and with whom you are comfortable is that you get to reclaim your power; that is, the power with which you were born.

The SEVENTH STEP: TALK AND LISTEN. In talk therapy, you discover many aspects of yourself that contribute to your feeling of a connection with a long lost friend. But, the additional value of talking to a psychotherapist is that you gain clarity as to what triggers cause you to suddenly shift your mood, as well as a variety of coping devices with which you were born and which you can employ at any time to help you regain a sense of control of your life. You also recognize that you have the power to release and replace the old taped messages from childhood that you have been playing unconsciously.

The EIGHTH STEPTake time to become conscious of and to actively give thanks for all your blessings. Do this frequently throughout the day, taking nothing for granted. But, be sure to do this from your heart and not your head. Write them and say them aloud and you will feel better!

The NINTH STEP: Remember to harness the gift of your breath. As you take a few minutes throughout the day to focus on following your breath in and out, watching it carry peace and healing into cells in every part of you, while releasing all negativity, you release chemicals in your brain which contribute to your feeling more peaceful and relaxed.

The TENTH STEP: Acknowledge and release past grievances that are holding you back from healing; forgive yourself and others; stay in the Now. Say I forgive me for… and I forgive … for …. When you intentionally decide to release and surrender old hurts, pain and unresolved issues – for your sake and not for the other, you move into the Now where there is only peace.

The ELEVENTH STEP: Be compassionate, loving and kind to yourself and to others. SPEAK KINDLY TO YOURSELF AND TO OTHERS. Words can hurt deeply!

The TWELFTH STEP: Find and follow your passion. Do what makes you happy.

The THIRTEENTH STEP: Pray, say Help me, please, to whomever your Higher Power may be. Help is always available but not often visible.

The FOURTEENTH STEP: See yourself as a VICTOR rather than a victim; see yourself walking through a tunnel and into the Light which is visible at the other end.

The FIFTEENTH STEP: Affirm to yourself frequently: I am getting through this, one moment at a time. I can manage this one minute at a time. I intend to be here for wonderful things and to have a good life. I am loved and I have hope.

The SIXTEENTH STEP: REMEMBER YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHAT OTHERS THINK, ONLY OVER YOURSELF! If someone uses you as a scapegoat for their own pain, do not take personally their words. It may be about them!


Finally, ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE LESSONS IN EACH MOMENT of your experience, as this will enable you to see your experience from the Higher Part of your Self, the part that recognizes just how very powerful you are.

Susan Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

Goodbye Sudden Moodswings: Hello Stability, Peace & Life Part 1