Secrets To Finding Bliss & Making Miracles As We Set & Keep Resolutions And Intentions For The New Year

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“There are only two way to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. I choose the latter.” Albert Einstein

Here we go again…It is the setting of resolutions in the form of intentions and then waiting for us to “mess up” and beating ourselves up again for buying into the belief that we could succeed at the intentions we had set for ourselves. My gift to you this New Year is helping you recognize how amazing and powerful you are and that you can manifest any intention you create for 2010.

For starters, when you set your intention or make your resolution or two, you are actually hoping to create a mini or maxi miracle, something you passionately want, something that makes your heart smile each time you picture yourself fulfilling it. Making miracles is easier than you realize.

Making miracles or manifesting your intentions has everything to do with three major gifts (sometimes referred to as tools) with which you were born. Yes, you were born with them and they are an inherent part of your very being. They are part of your power and enable you to be and accomplish the extraordinary.

I have been teaching how to be aware of and harness these gifts to my patients for decades. I know, both personally and professionally, that when you learn to harness (through practice) these gifts, your life changes, and you recognize how much more joy, peace, satisfaction and unconditional love you experience. Keep in mind that the key to creating miracles is loving yourself unconditionally, joyfully and gently. I use these three gifts to help heal my patients by enabling them to use these tools to heal themselves!

As I see it, these three gifts are the gift of your Imagination, the gift of your Intuitive Wisdom and the gift of Breath. Einstein stated: “Imagination is more important the knowledge.” I encourage my patients to create in their mind’ eye an image or vision of what they  are dreaming about and hoping for and to get really excited and enthused about what they are imagining. I have used this in my own life and have taught it so that those dealing with life-threatening illnesses and even loss can expedite their healing. Your cells (you have 60 trillion of them) experience the high vibrational energy of your enthusiasm which then contributes to your body’s production of the cells needed for a healthy immune system.

When you practice breathing by visualizing warm, healing, soothing energy entering you on your inhalation (through your nostrils) and moving down through your body, bringing peace to your cells, and then, in your mind’s eye, see and feel on your exhalation that you are breathing out through your mouth (lips parted slightly) anything tense or worrisome, your body experiences a sense of warmth, heaviness and relaxation.

Focusing on your in-breath and out-breath several times creates a sense of quiet and stillness. It also shifts you energetically to a higher vibration which enhances your ability to be aware of your third gift, your Intuitive Wisdom or Higher Guidance. Focusing on your breath is essentially meditation – for those of you who shy away from the thought of “meditation.”

When you are breathing deeply, in a quiet, meditative place and feeling relaxed, you find yourself going within and become aware of the ways you receive wisdom or guidance from your intuition. (Sometimes you may see a sudden picture, or in your mind’s ear, hear a tune, a word or more. You might also feel a sudden pain in your body.) This is you getting in touch with you.  Sudden insights or “aha” moments can occur in these times.

Practicing these three gifts enables you to harness and make the most of them. By choosing to take a few minutes daily to simply breathe deeply, go within and experience your own inner stillness, you meet the world of both your Imagination and your Intuition. Thus, your three gifts provide you with what you need to change your perspective, “see” things differently which, in turn, can create the miracle of fulfilling your intention. This is extremely empowering!

More to come!

“Creating your intention is not as powerfully transformative as is your awareness of how you are managing the journey.”…Susan Barbara Apollon

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