I Am Doing My Best

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"I Am doing my best… that is all God wants of me"

~Susan Barbara Apollon
©2016 & Beyond

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 I Am Doing MY Best

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I Am Doing My Best….

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"I Am doing my best… that is all God wants of me"

~Susan Barbara Apollon
©2015 & Beyond

The Healing Power Of Nature!

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You may have already discovered for yourself that Nature is a powerful healer. In fact, one of the best kept secrets of healing is to partake as often as possible in the many gifts of Mother Nature. Whether you choose to take yourself for a stroll around your community, sit in the comfort of your backyard, spend time at the beach enjoying the ocean or in the mountains at your favorite lake, you are contributing to healing taking place deep within your cells.

Remember, your cells are your own personal team of health-workers, with you as their captain. They know what you need for well-being, healing and harmony and they depend on you to meet their needs.. The moment you step out into the fresh air of a feel-good, warm, sunny, breezy day, you begin to release endorphins, enabling you to feel good. Just imagining being outside in your favorite places, doing what you love to do, causes you to release these needed chemicals of well-being which then expedites the healing response within the cells of your body.

One significant point here: despite the fact that excessive exposure to the sun is not healthy for you, exposure to some sunlight can actually sooth and comfort you and your cells, contributing to increased immunity.

Think for a moment about how you feel each time you imagine yourself in a treasured place, be it in your garden or taking your dog for a walk in a neighborhood park. Perhaps you enjoy seeing and feeling yourself horseback riding or fishing in the country or skiing down one of the trails at your favorite ski resort or on a local track? Do you notice that you are aware of the temperature, the warmth of the sun, the breeze caressing your face or the scent of the newest blossoming flowers and trees? Do you notice how good you are feeling?

Your body is finely tuned and sensitive to Truth and Beauty. When you gaze at a beautiful sunset or sunrise, or rainbow, or a newly snow-covered path, or if you happen to pick up the scent of a freshly cut lawn or an exquisite rose bush, the experience is registered as something so beautiful and spectacular that you again immediately produce the neurotransmitters which contribute to feeling wonderful. Why is this?

The answer is this: You are hardwired for bliss! In fact, the research findings of a new area of science, neurotheology, suggest that we are hardwired for God – or spirituality. Consider how often, while participating in some outdoor activity, such as walking or running on a beach or around the neighborhood, horseback riding, skiing, gardening, swimming, taking a drive in the country or biking, you have experienced a connection with your Higher Power, as well as with God.

 It is in these moments of connection that you have a sense of being One with All There Is. You feel more relaxed and actually shift to a higher energetic vibration. You feel more peaceful, more serene, more inclined to pray, and, very often, are deeply grateful for the opportunity to be able to be a part of your experience. For me, this time feels as though I am in the Zone! And I love every moment of it. How does this feel for you?

The essence of this piece is that you have available to you an amazing healing tool: Mother Nature. Make the most of this by choosing to engage in outdoor activities that bring you pleasure in the places you love most. Be conscious of how you feel when you are either imagining or are actually outdoors. Your body, referring to your entire team of loving cells, will appreciate you and provide you with an enhanced production of therapeutic chemicals which will serve your body, mind and spirit. Enjoy!!

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

©Copyright 2008 Susan Barbara Apollon

Life Lessons Learned In Healing From Grief And Trauma – Part 2

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When we come to the last moment of this lifetime and look back, the only thing that’s going to matter is ‘What was the quality of our love?’” Richard Bach

2. Be open to changing your perspective! The experience of grief and trauma can contribute to your changing your thinking about what is truly important in life. For example, following the occurrence of a significant tragedy or loss, you may find yourself amazed at the decreased importance and attention you give to what were formerly valued items, perhaps a fancy car, china or clothing, or to participation in previously favored activities, such as sports, your job, traveling or entertainment.

3. Recognize the importance of Love in your life’s journey. You may even learn from your pain and suffering that the only thing that really matters is the person you love and your loving relationship with this individual. My husband taught me this years before we married (some 44 years ago!). Walking along a boating dock, the little bag I held that contained his rings and watch slipped from my hands, went through the boards and into the water, never to be seen again. I cried profusely, feeling great guilt, and will always remember his words: “Don’t worry, Susan. The only thing that matters is you. I can replace the jewelry; I can’t replace you.” His love touched, healed and soothed my pain of disappointing him!

4. In dealing with the pain of a tragedy, loss or grief, healing occurs as you discover that you are much stronger than you thought you were. Suddenly, being forced into roles that your ill or deceased loved ones once held, be it holding down a full-time job, paying the bills, maintaining your home or car, or creating your social life, you may find that you are now taking responsibility for areas of your life that you previously felt you were unable to handle.

5. With your new- found sense of personal strength, you may learn that you are more powerful than you had thought, more capable and more resilient. This new awareness may enhance your self-esteem, self-confidence and your belief in yourself. All of these are gifts because they come at a time when you are left feeling powerless, frightened and worried about your ability to survive. Tragedy often validates your ability to be a survivor, one who can handle whatever curve ball may come your way. My patients have repeatedly shared their awareness with me of how much braver and more courageous they feel they are, having proved to themselves they can survive without their loved ones

6. You learn that there are questions that better serve you than asking “Why did this happen?”, a normal response to such events. By asking “What is this teaching me?” and “What is the lesson I need to learn here?”, you find that you have an enhanced ability to cope with such stressful experiences.  For example, such questions often move us from perceiving ourselves as victims to realizing that we have the resources to deal with such challenges. They also move us along in our having a sense of purpose, despite our angst and pain.

7. View the events as challenges or opportunities to learn valuable life lessons; patience, courage, compassion or forgiveness. Asking the previously mentioned questions helps you become more conscious of which life lessons you are here to learn. This, in turn, again, leads to a stronger sense of connection with your own Higher Power or God, as well as a change in your perspective about the meaning of such losses and traumas. Allow your perspective to become broader, inviting in more wonderful possibilities about life, its purpose and whether life continues in a somewhat different form; allow this change in perspective to soothe and heal the pain of your broken heart. (TO BE CONTINUED)

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

©Copyright 2008 Susan Barbara Apollon