Opportunity to Change, Grow and Learn

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"Life is filled with both joy and pain. We are souls who have chosen to journey in a physical body so that we may meet challenges and make choices for Love and Compassion which have the power to heal the soul. Every moment provides each of us with opportunities for learning, for loving, for growing and for healing."

~Susan Barbara Apollon
©2015 & Beyond

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 ?Ah-hah? moment

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Energy of Love

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When the heart is filled with the energy of love and deliberately focused on a person or place, there is an energetic shift and healing is expedited.

~Susan Barbara Apollon
©2014 & Beyond

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Energy of Love


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Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy… A Letter for My Friend

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I awakened today to a phone call from Debbie, the daughter of one of my oldest, dearest friends, Lee, informing me that her mother had died. Lee, who was was days away from her 85th birthday, lived with the spirit and gusto of one at least twenty years younger.

Some might say, She was blessed to live 85 years, a good thing. Yes, she was blessed and it was a good thing. But, selfishly, I knew she loved me and I knew how much my love for her meant to her. What I knew for sure was that I could no longer meet her for lunch, something we did very infrequently – because I knew she was always there and we would always be able to make it happen. But that is not so anymore.

I can't hug her, hear her voice, or explain to her why I did not get back to her when she worried that something terrible had happened to me because she was unable to reach me. This time, it was Lee who had something "terrible" happen to her. My grief is deep , my heart is heavy and I feel alone, though I have such a beautiful husband and family to support and sustain me.

I immediately felt Debbie's pain and that of her family. I know their hearts are broken and that they are devastated. I also felt a deep sense of personal disappointment that Lee would not be physically present to see our son, David, who had been her Montessori student for three years, be married in just a few weeks. What contributed to my sadness was the realization that David would never have that special reunion with his first school teacher who had lovingly kept him in her heart.

Lee's spirit is vital, filled with compassion, humor, joy and love. Everyone will miss her, of this, I am sure. I ache for her precious Chester, her golden doodle and her beloved companion. I know Chester is confused, hurting and dearly missing Lee, though he is protected and safe as he now shares his life with Debbie, her husband and their dogs. Yet, I feel his pain for his "mom." I know how deeply animals grieve their loved ones.

After hanging up from Debbie, the tears just kept coming, until I could hardly breathe. My heart ached and felt as though it had been broken into smithereens. I began having flashbacks of all the others in my life that had died relatively recently, including my parents, other friends and my patients with whom I had worked for many years.

I have always known that with each present loss we experience, the vibration of our pain causes our cells to reverberate with similar vibrations of multiple past losses. Somehow feeling the pain we felt in the past paradoxically hurts and soothes us in the present moment. It reminds us of how heartbroken we were and that we had wondered how we would ever be able to go on. It also reminds us that, somehow, we did survive. All of this rose up for me as I released my pain and felt my sorrow.

What kept coming to mind was how much she had loved and cared about me, and how fortunate I had been to have her in my life all these years. But saying goodbye is neither acceptable nor easy. How grateful I was that we had our lunch together just weeks ago. We had never had such a long lunch – three hours – and it went so quickly! We probably would have kept going if the restaurant had not emptied out while we were chatting, leaving us feeling a bit conspicuous.

I found it comforting to learn that Lee died in her safe room, upstairs in her home, with her Chester by her side, surrounded by photos of her family and her husband, Walter, who had died many years before. And while I knew that her Guardian Angel was with her to lovingly guide her on her journey and that she would be assisted, as well, by Walter and loved ones, I felt sad that no one was there to hold her hand or give her a hug. Yet, I felt that her God was good to her in that she died in a place she loved and that her death was quick. She was not one to ever wish to be a burden to anyone else. She died as she lived – with her dignity in place. I knew this was a good thing.

I know, too, that as I write this, she is aware of everything I have been thinking and writing, and she is listening to the vibrations of my heart. She is Love and I know she will always be available to me. I will always smile – my heart will always smile – whenever I think of this beautiful, delicious, leprechaun-like soul who loved life, loved humanity and always made you feel you were special. What an amazing role model she has been for those of us who loved, admired and have been inspired by her!

Lee, I know your love and spirit will be with me through eternity. I love you, dear, sweet Lee, more than I can possibly ever express in words.

For those of you who are reading this and presently experiencing the challenge of loss, my heart goes out to you. May you balance your pain with light and joy, enabling you to find peace and healing.

Love & Healing,

Susan Apollon
©2013  Susan Barbara Apollon

Spiritual Healing: Renew Your Spirit

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It's all about healing… In the July 2011 Issue of Personal Excellence I was honored to have Renew Your Spirit: Start making these 12 choices included in their Inspiration Spirit section and wanted to share this with you:

SPIRITUAL HEALING MEANS creating a shift in energy by making 12 choices:

• Create harmony and balance through breath meditation. Practice daily breath meditation for 15 minutes: Visualize your breath coming in from God or the Universe, merging with you (your body, thoughts, feelings), and filling you with healing energy. See your out breath nudging out all negative or painful thoughts or images, leaving you feeling better.

• Become aware of your power through journaling. Journal for 15 minutes a day about situations and incidents when you felt your power. Then note how your fears or insecurities steal your power. List ways you can reclaim your power (actions, self-talk, affirmations, breath meditation, taking courses).

• Affirm your power during the day. Write affirmations and visualize and feel the power in you as you daily affirm: I Am . . . worthy, wise, beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, loving, forgiving, strong, lovable, protected and watched over. Display them to remind you of your power.

• Choose forgiveness. Detach from old hurts, resentments, and betrayals. Bring to mind the person or issue that creates pain for you, then face it, embrace it, breathe it out, and say I forgive you or I surrender you to God, because I choose to move on with my life. Forgive another for you, not for him or her. Feel the relief.

• Practice visualization. Picturing what you want in your mind’s eye helps you co-create that outcome. A positive image helps you feel confidence instead of worry/fear, and attract good things.

•Perform an act of compassion, caring, kindness, and service daily. Choose any activity in which you do something for another person or group with authentic feelings of compassion and love. Do a physical deed that impacts the quality of life of another person or being.

• Choose to be inspired. Choose to read or listen to materials that inform, soothe, entertain, and inspire you.

•Take action on at least one intention. Gather courage and take action toward at least one intention every day.

• Create a sacred space for prayer in home or office; and there pray daily–expressing gratitude and asking for assistance. Of course, you can pray anywhere, anytime.

• Remember your blessings.Show gratitude when you pray. Thank you is a high vibration. During the day, give thanks for each blessing; and as you say it, picture it.

• Love yourself first; then love others. Love yourself by devoting at least a half-hour doing something for yourself. Pursue your passion! You can’t love others if you don’t first love yourself

• Smile, laugh, tell a joke or story, watch a funny movie, dance your favorite dance, or listen to your favorite music.Laughter and music are good for raising your energetic vibrations. You are here for joy. Choose what makes you feel joy, and you’ll attract good things.

Susan Apollon, an intuitive psychologist, is author of Touched by the Extraordinary: Healing Stories of Love, Loss and Hope. www.TouchedByTheExtraordinary.com

ACTION: Renew your spirit in these 12 ways.

Reprint from July 2011 Personal Excellence

When implementing these 12 choices to renew your spirit, please let me know how your inspiration and spiritual healing is evolving.

Love, Inspiration & Healing,



The Purpose Of Life: Live Like You Are Dying, Loving, Accepting And Healing What Is

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“If I had an hour to live, I wouldn’t be calling anyone who owed me any money, or anyone who had wronged me in any way during my lifetime….With the time I have left, I choose to allow my thoughts to rest in total peace, right here, right now in this precious moment.”    ~Richard Carlson

Have you noticed that the moment you or a loved one receives news of a life-threatening illness, such as cancer, Parkinson’s Disease or ALS, or a significant loss, so much in your life suddenly takes on a different meaning?  

Instantly, you find yourself valuing time and everything else in your life in ways you could never have imagined. Suddenly, you find yourself discovering meaning in places, including relationships, which you had previously discounted. Perhaps, for the first time, you “get” what this experience known as “the journey of life” (your life) is really all about. And, even better, you know you are “getting it.

Country music artist Tug McGraw sings a song, “Live Like You Were Dying,” that is especially meaningful to loved ones (or those close to loved ones) who have been recently diagnosed with cancer or any other significant illness. Written when he learned that his father had been diagnosed with cancer, the song touched hearts everywhere. In fact, it secured the #1 position in country music in the United States for seven weeks. What I love about “Live Like You Were Dying” is that it reveals an immediate shift in perspective regarding what seems to matter or not matter after being told that you are dealing with a life-threatening illness or possible loss.

So often upon receiving unwanted and unexpected news concerning the possible shortening of our lifespan, we question the meaning of life or our life’s purpose, and this, in turn, leads to a stunning sense of clarity and intuitive knowing about these matters. For example, upon learning that he may be dying, the main character of Tug McGraw’s song wastes no time in engaging in activities he has always wanted to pursue, including skydiving, mountain climbing, fishing and bull riding. Even more significantly, knowing that life may soon end, he engages in faith- related matters, including reading the Bible and forgiving everyone. The listening public, as judged by their desire to hear this song, appears to recognize the truths that McGraw speaks for so many of us.

The Tibetan Buddhists have long known and advocated that life needs to be lived as though we are dying. This is something I share with my patients who are stuck in their attachments to issues, things, places and people which prevents them from fully living their lives. When you are aware that your time is limited, be it as a senior, a terminally ill person or someone about to lose a relative or friend, all the issues on which you focused that have kept you at a distance from your family and friends melt away.  It is at these times that your valuable material possessions seem much less valuable– but people you love and care about are more precious than ever. Why is this?  It has everything to do with Choice and your awareness of the power of Love. (To be continued)

Susan Barbara Apollon

Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”
& Intuition Is Easy & Fun

©2010 Susan Barbara Apollon

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To Feel Good, Be Happy & Find Your Bliss, Seek Out What Inspires You – And Be Inspired!

You can do nothing to inspire the person in front of you, if you do not inspire yourself first.” Sogyal Rinpoche

Have you noticed that when you are in need of a feel-good experience, and you find something or someone that fills you with inspiration, you suddenly feel so much better  – even bliss and joy? And, you may even feel a sense of intuitive wisdom or purpose rising up within you.

Awareness of what inspires you can be a key to your happiness, bliss, experiencing healing and even living with a sense of purpose. Just consider the beautiful, heartwarming story of Susan Boyle, which, thanks to the internet, has spread around the globe.

Personally, listening to the newest internet sensation, Susan Boyle, became my most recent source of inspiration. I click to listen, knowing that I will cry and be moved to tears as I listen to the gift of her unexpected magnificent voice.. Quite a paradox, if you stop and think about it.

An international sensation taking the world by surprise, Susan Boyle, in the video of her performance on Britain’s Got Talent, has touched hearts everywhere. No one, that I can recall, has inspired so many people throughout the world just by singing one song, amazing as that song is.

Seeing and hearing Susan sing I Dream a Dream from the Broadway show, Les Miserables, brings tears to just about everyone who experiences her. Is it because a dowdy 47 year-old woman surprises us with an unbelievable voice? Are we moved by the stunned looks and words of the three judges, some of whom are known for being rather nasty and sharp tongued with contestants who resemble Susan, an older gal, from a little village in Scotland, dressed plainly and with little or no makeup? Is it that the music is extraordinary? Or is it because, perhaps, we see ourselves in Susan, each of us holding a dream – a vision -, which we are able to make a reality before we come to the end of our life, as she does with this moving, superb and incredible performance?

And why is it that we like to listen to Susan sing I Dream a Dream as often as we do? Perhaps, it is because she inspires us. Yes, she represents hope that we, too, may be able to bring our dreams to fulfillment. When I hear Susan sing, I am inspired; that is, I am infused with the spirit of Hope, Joy, Enthusiasm, Possibility and Love. I feel good hearing her magnificent voice. She is a symbol of hope for me and for all of us that we need to hold onto vision– that anything and everything is possible.

When you choose to focus on someone or something which inspires you, you feel wonderful, full of hope, motivation and joy, enabling you to experience an energetic higher quality of life. A word or two of advice: If you want to feel good, make it a point to become more aware of what it is that inspires and infuses you with life-giving energy, joy and purpose. You will have a win-win situation! (To be continued…)

Susan Barbara Apollon

Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”
& Intuition Is Easy & Fun

©2009 Susan Barbara Apollon

Finding Bliss And Peace Via Meaningful Rituals – Part 5

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One of the nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.
~Luciano Pavaroti and William Wright~

Where there is love, there is life.
~Mohandas Gandhi~

Food is such a valuable aspect of self-generated ceremonial rituals. Furthermore, food is an expression of healing, loving energy which enables you to feel good and experience bliss. Consider your holidays and how important it is for you to include traditional foods and dishes always associated with specific holidays. Somehow, knowing the treats you will serve or receive as a part of your holiday meals seems to ground and stabilize you, enabling you to feel safe, rooted, deeply loved and that all is okay with you and your world.

As you go about preparing and eating the ritualistic holiday foods, remember to project or feel love in every morsel of food. Actually, it happens quite naturally. Personally, hot dogs and hamburgers convey love, comfort and healing joyful energy for me each July 4th, as does turkey, my mother’s incredibly delicious stuffing and sweet potato pie with marshmallows and for Thanksgiving.

And how could I forget the matzo ball soup, gefilte fish, kugel and my home baked rugalah that have been a part of every Jewish family celebration? This is my heritage – and continuing the rituals helps me to preserve and more deeply root our family members. Think, for a moment, of your own family’s food-related traditions and feel the wonderful, energetic goodness of what this means to you.

Fortunately, for many of my friends, they are able to donate their time and energy to assisting their community members who are homeless by working at food banks. Others, I know, give of their time throughout the year and/or on the holidays to prepare and serve meals for those who have no homes. These acts become loving, ceremonial rituals which enable them to feel they are making a difference in the lives of others.

I often think about the women of the Holocaust who continued to find ways to celebrate special occasions such birthdays, holidays and anniversaries – and the Sabbath. These women understood that they could maintain a sense of some normalcy by continuing the traditions of cooking foods associated with their way of life, as well as maintaining rituals such as prayers and the lighting of candles at appropriate times. I have a cookbook written by the women of the Holocaust (something that I was amazed they could pull off, given the difficulty of their situation). Yet, I know that it is the meager food which was cooked with love and the meaning of the ceremonies and the rituals that sustained them and their families in those most challenging – and horrific circumstances.

Finally, have you thought about the many ways in which you carry on exquisite, loving, ceremonial rituals for your friends and loved ones who are ill, dying or who are grieving? Please consider these times in your life and the ways in which you and your family have either received or provided assistance, be it with a cooked meal , the running of errands, caring for children, being a chauffeur and support system for doctor appointments or assisting with hospital, insurance or burial issues and needs. Because you act from love, these rituals are all high energy shifting experiences for you, bringing you greater peace and comfort.

And, of course, there are the visits you make to either the hospital to be with the ill or to the funeral home or cemetery to honor the deceased. All of these help you and those with whom you visit by the gift of your presence at a time when it is very, very needed as an expression of loving support. You heal yourself and your loved ones by choosing such loving acts and rituals of compassion and kindness.

One of the secrets to a better quality life filled with joy is to consciously and wisely choose those rituals which will feel good to you and enable you to experience healing and well-being!

Susan Barbara Apollon

Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”
& Intuition Is Easy & Fun

©2009 Susan Barbara Apollon

The Healing Power Of Nature!

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You may have already discovered for yourself that Nature is a powerful healer. In fact, one of the best kept secrets of healing is to partake as often as possible in the many gifts of Mother Nature. Whether you choose to take yourself for a stroll around your community, sit in the comfort of your backyard, spend time at the beach enjoying the ocean or in the mountains at your favorite lake, you are contributing to healing taking place deep within your cells.

Remember, your cells are your own personal team of health-workers, with you as their captain. They know what you need for well-being, healing and harmony and they depend on you to meet their needs.. The moment you step out into the fresh air of a feel-good, warm, sunny, breezy day, you begin to release endorphins, enabling you to feel good. Just imagining being outside in your favorite places, doing what you love to do, causes you to release these needed chemicals of well-being which then expedites the healing response within the cells of your body.

One significant point here: despite the fact that excessive exposure to the sun is not healthy for you, exposure to some sunlight can actually sooth and comfort you and your cells, contributing to increased immunity.

Think for a moment about how you feel each time you imagine yourself in a treasured place, be it in your garden or taking your dog for a walk in a neighborhood park. Perhaps you enjoy seeing and feeling yourself horseback riding or fishing in the country or skiing down one of the trails at your favorite ski resort or on a local track? Do you notice that you are aware of the temperature, the warmth of the sun, the breeze caressing your face or the scent of the newest blossoming flowers and trees? Do you notice how good you are feeling?

Your body is finely tuned and sensitive to Truth and Beauty. When you gaze at a beautiful sunset or sunrise, or rainbow, or a newly snow-covered path, or if you happen to pick up the scent of a freshly cut lawn or an exquisite rose bush, the experience is registered as something so beautiful and spectacular that you again immediately produce the neurotransmitters which contribute to feeling wonderful. Why is this?

The answer is this: You are hardwired for bliss! In fact, the research findings of a new area of science, neurotheology, suggest that we are hardwired for God – or spirituality. Consider how often, while participating in some outdoor activity, such as walking or running on a beach or around the neighborhood, horseback riding, skiing, gardening, swimming, taking a drive in the country or biking, you have experienced a connection with your Higher Power, as well as with God.

 It is in these moments of connection that you have a sense of being One with All There Is. You feel more relaxed and actually shift to a higher energetic vibration. You feel more peaceful, more serene, more inclined to pray, and, very often, are deeply grateful for the opportunity to be able to be a part of your experience. For me, this time feels as though I am in the Zone! And I love every moment of it. How does this feel for you?

The essence of this piece is that you have available to you an amazing healing tool: Mother Nature. Make the most of this by choosing to engage in outdoor activities that bring you pleasure in the places you love most. Be conscious of how you feel when you are either imagining or are actually outdoors. Your body, referring to your entire team of loving cells, will appreciate you and provide you with an enhanced production of therapeutic chemicals which will serve your body, mind and spirit. Enjoy!!

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

©Copyright 2008 Susan Barbara Apollon

The Healing Power Of Opening To The Extraordinary (Part Four)

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“We forget that it isn’t important how they happen (spiritual experiences) as it is that they happen.” Melvin Morse, MD

“In order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles.” David Ben Gurion

When you choose to open the door to your heart and begin to allow in various extraordinary events, you open yourself up to a whole world of new and meaningful experiences, all of which have the capacity to take you to a deeper part of you, perhaps, even to the level of your soul. It is the beginning of you connecting with you, something that is so powerful that you know you are undergoing a transformation.

As you open to receiving a variety of messages and synchronicities, you will find yourself becoming conscious in a way you have never before experienced. Your consciousness will begin to allow you to experience even more moments of joy, inspiration and peace.

What follows is one of my favorite exercises which I use in seminars and with my patients to help nurture an awareness of the healing power of the extraordinary in one’s life. I borrow this from Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, who so beautifully describes it in The Will to Live and Other Mysteries (available on CD).

Take a few moments each evening and reflect on your day. First, take a few deep breaths, relax, and consider the question, What surprised me today? Then write about that for a few moments. Second, do the same thing with the question, What touched and/or moved me today? And third, again, do the same thing with the question, What inspired me today? I find these questions to be powerfully healing in that they connect you with a Higher Power and in this connection there is healing. The whole exercise should take no more than fifteen minutes. Do it for at least 10 to 14 days, and you will likely begin to notice a sense of feeling better, if not joy and peace.

A word of advice: if you are in need of working with a physician, be sure to align yourself with a physician who recognizes that to heal the body, you must heal the body and the soul. Trust your intuitive wisdom when you meet with your doctor. Your intuition or Higher Wisdom will let you know if this individual is one you should choose to allow into your life. If he or she listens when you speak of your intuition or what you sense is going on in your body, then you are probably with the right person.

As an example, I have had many patients share with me that during their treatment for their cancer, they began to have uncomfortable feelings regarding their physician. This led them to leave the doctor who was treating them and find another with whom to continue treatment. They believe that by being open to the extraordinary and listening to their inner voice, they have been able to experience success and healing in their lives. As always, the choice is yours as to how far you choose to open the door of your heart to the extraordinary.

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

©Copyright 2008 Susan Barbara Apollon

The Healing Power Of Opening To The Extraordinary (Part Three)

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“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”   Albert Einstein

Much of what makes life so wonderful, so delicious and so meaningful is related or connected to that which we can’t see, touch or feel, sometimes called the mysterious or the extraordinary, as well as to events we call synchronicities. So often, what is considered by some to possibly be a coincidence is considered by others to be a “synchronicity.” Specifically, “synchronicity” refers to events which you might think are coincidences, but which, in your heart and your whole being, you know are too meaningful to have occurred simultaneously, by chance.

Touched by the Extraordinary, a book I wrote and published in 2004, delves into the nature of extraordinary events and demonstrates that when you fill with love and compassion and open your heart to such experiences, it can lead to transformation and healing in your life. Originally written to help heal my patients who were dealing with the loss of a loved one, I expanded the intention of the book to enable you to know that when you harness your intuition and fill with love, you are more apt to experience a wide variety of remarkable or extraordinary events, all of which have the power to help you heal.

The following paragraphs include the kinds of situations which are often considered “mysterious” or “extraordinary.” Many refer to these as “signs,” implying that the event is especially meaningful and personal. When these signs occur, especially after they are requested, they tend to expedite the healing process. In fact, many of my patients who are deeply grieving the death of a loved one, share with me that receiving “signs” from them helps to ease their pain, as well as giving them hope that their loved ones are still with them, though in a different way. They often find this to be extremely comforting.

Such powerful events may include the following experiences in your life: wonderful synchronicities such as your intuition and precognition informing you someone is going to be calling or entering your life within hours, which is exactly what takes place; dreams in which you feel you have engaged in meaningful visits or communication with deceased loved ones or had an intuitive knowing and description of events about to happen; times when you have prayed and then clearly experienced answers to your prayers, including stunning healings.

Other types of “extraordinary encounters” include: hearing a voice which provides a message that saves your life (because you choose to listen to it); feeling the presence of a loved one who has died or experiencing their presence via electric lights and devices being turned on, ringing or blinking, as well as by smelling their favorite flowers, cigarettes, cigars, perfume or coffee (if they were big coffee drinkers).

Additionally, many have shared with me “extraordinary events” which have included seeing (having visions of) or experiencing angels, Masters, and deceased loved ones; also, having near-death experiences; noticing the frequent or atypical appearance of animals, butterflies, dragonflies or birds (such as an eagle, owl or cardinal) which were especially meaningful to a loved one who has died. (TO BE CONTINUED)

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

©Copyright 2008 Susan Barbara Apollon

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