Finding Bliss And Peace Via Meaningful Rituals – Part 4

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A truly powerful self-generated ritual, other than taking time to go into the stillness daily, via your breath or some form of meditation, is that of journaling. This ritual can be designed to occur when, where and however you wish and need it to be for you. The power of journaling is enormous.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. Annie Dillard

How you live one day is eventually how you live your life. Phillip Yancey

There has been substantial research on the effectiveness of journaling. The work of Prendergast has demonstrated that the process of choosing to write enables you to gain clarity about your thoughts, feelings, questions and desire to know the wisdom of your soul or your intuition. Essentially, the process allows you to become conscious of your pain or what does not feel good, enables you to release it and then operate with greater clarity because you are in a higher, more relaxed vibrational energetic state.

My patients seem to heal more expediently when they begin to journal daily. As with prayer and meditation, there is no one right way to do this. You get to do this any way that feels good and right for you. You can journal just to express what is in your heart or your head. Or, you can journal with specific goals in mind. For example, you may keep an intention journal in which you write your intentions daily, perhaps stating them in one entry, and then in another entry, perhaps later in the day or evening, reviewing the actions you took to work toward manifesting them during the day.

You may also wish to journal daily about your awareness of your own gifts and your positive qualities. Journaling helps you fall in love with you! When you have difficulty connecting with your Higher Self, taking the time to write to your Higher Self, asking questions you have long desired to know and then allowing your Higher Self to channel wisdom, your wisdom, back to you, is particularly healing and empowering. Remember, what you focus on in journaling and everywhere determines your quality of life.

The ritual of journaling with the intention of noting what surprised, touched and inspired you during the day is a real eye and soul opener. I find that his tool, which I have gratefully borrowed from Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen (who borrowed it from a sociologist friend of hers), is amazingly powerful. Just learning to be more conscious of what you are being touched and inspired by (which are higher vibrational experiences) during your day has the ability to change your perspective and open your heart to miracles in your life!

Meditation, of course, is an invaluable self-generated ritual which, when engaged in regularly, brings you so many gifts. Just taking a few minutes each morning to engage in the ritual of choosing to go into the “stillness,” connecting with your soul by breathing deeply or through the use of guided imagery, creates feelings of deep peace, relaxation and well-being (all causing you to shift to a higher vibrational energetic level). And this is in addition to the sense of sacredness associated with an experience which connects you with your Higher power. By engaging in the ritual of meditation, you also further develop your intuitive knowing, which, in turn, contributes to an enhanced sense of self-confidence –all wonderful gifts! (To be continued.)

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

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Finding Bliss And Peace Through Meaningful Rituals – Part 2

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What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. Albert Pike

You are so wise. You know what you need to survive with grace. The truth is that you are the creator of the rituals which enable you to live your life in a way that feels best to you. While some rituals are inherent in various practices, such as weddings or funerals, you tend to create, quite naturally, the activities which contribute to you surviving and surviving with a feel good feeling, be it a walk each morning or saying your prayers and meditating each day in a favorite spot in or out of your home.

Rituals help you mark the milestones of your life. The first bus ride for each of your children when they begin their official life as a student is a ritual that touches the heart, as does the first school holiday pageant in which they participate, or the first school Halloween parade for which you help them with their costume.

When your loved one dies, rituals again help you mark additional milestones. This may be with a specific service, markings on the gravestone, the lighting of candles and saying of specific prayers are typical rituals. Personally, each year on my mother’s birthday, I go to the florist and purchase for her the most beautiful floral bouquet and take it to the cemetery where I place it in the ground by her gravestone and then sit, cry and talk to her. This helps me to connect with my mom and I do something similar for my dad, as well. I need this ritual to handle my parents’ deaths and I am always more at peace following these activities.

If you think (and feel) about it, the family rituals in which you participated as a child or have created in your adult life have added to the rich awareness of being a part of a family ( a real community) and of sharing in the experience of love, even when love could not be verbally expressed.

Perhaps you and your family always made a big deal of every family member’s birthday, father’s day, mother’s day and every other major holiday. (And, if you did not, you could begin now!) Though you may have complained about having to be present and dress for the occasion, just knowing your Presence mattered contributed to your sense of self-esteem. You mattered!

The precious memories you store in your heart hold the vibration of the joy you experienced in past ceremonies and rituals. For example, if you grew up in an area where you had several snowfalls each winter, then you most likely had opportunities for special snow related activities such as the building of the first snowman – or woman of the season, the sleigh rides you took with your folks, friends and/or siblings, and the hot chocolate and cookies you would have each time you came in from the cold.

Let’s talk mealtimes. Those of you who had to be home for nightly family dinner may have complained about this growing up. However, most adults feel a sense of gratitude for those meals. They provided a sense of groundedness, connection and stability. Research has substantiated the value of rituals such as families gathering for dinner each night.

In fact, Jean Achterberg, a mentor of mine, in Intentional Healing, notes that research confirms that despite the problem of alcohol addiction, when families eat together and participate in family holiday rituals, the children of alcoholics tend not to develop alcohol addition as adults.Vibrationally, despite the alcoholism, the children feel energy of safety, rootedness, stability and goodness because they get to sit down with their families for their evening and holiday meals. This is a powerful argument for the healing power of rituals in families with alcohol addiction problems

Take a moment or two and think about the rituals you might engage in which could best contribute to you and your family being able to feel more connected, more stable and more harmonious; be it walking or watching a movie together, or regularly visiting an ill or dying family member – or going to church, your mosque or synagogue together on a regular basis. (To be continued.).

Susan Barbara Apollon
Author of “Touched By The Extraordinary”

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